Virtual Outlaw Run Ride at Silver Dollar City

Experience a virtual ride of the new groundbreaking, multiple inversion wooden roller coaster Outlaw Run coming to Silver Dollar City in Spring 2013!

Outlaw Run is a wooden roller coaster located at the Silver Dollar City amusement park in Branson, Missouri. The ride was the first wooden roller coaster manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction and the first wooden roller coaster with multiple inversions, in which riders are turned upside-down and then back upright. The 2,937-foot-long ride features three inversions and a top speed of 68 miles per hour, making Outlaw Run the fourth-fastest wooden roller coaster in the world. The 162-foot-tall first drop of the ride is the second steepest in the world among wooden roller coasters, at 81° beyond horizontal.

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Virtual Ride of Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City

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