Universal Studios Singapore Debuts Two Shows

CIMG0293It was a typical visit to Universal Studios Singapore (USS), and I found myself walking by the Hollywood Pantages Theatre, as I have done a dozen times before. I usually skip this attraction completely. Yet, on this very day, I felt a very strong urge to go in and watch the show. I later learned that Monster Rock, a rock and roll-themed musical was closed on 1 September.

It is notable that USS did not make any major announcements about this closure, except a small excerpt on its website. Perhaps it is because USS has bigger plans in store for the theatre and the Sesame Street show is just an interim.

Sesame Street – When I Grow Up

The new show, themed to Sesame Street, made its public debut on 20 September 2014. It is actually an expansion of the original When I Grow Up street performance in the New York section of the park. Of course, staging this highly-popular street show in a theatre setting has its perks. For one, more elaborate sets can be incorporated into the show, including a dedicated Sesame Street backdrop and a trio of drop down LED screens that CIMG0426transform as the show progresses. It is also much more comfortable to watch this 15 minute-long show from the comfort of the theatre seats.

The show is about the career ambitions of Elmo and his friends. It is an inspiring story of kids who get to learn various career routes like policeman, doctor and even a paleontologist (which Elmo never seemed to pronounce correctly)! Adults might find this show a little cheesy, but who does not love the simple and beautiful tune of “When I Grow Up”? Audience members are welcome to dance along in a segment midway through the show.

The addition of When I Grow Up is an effective complement to the existing Sesame Street and the Spaghetti Space Chase ride and two Sesame Street-themed souvenir shops. It also means that Sesame Street now dominates the New York as well as Hollywood areas of the park.

Puss in Boots – The Dance for Magic Beans

Puss in Boots is the highlight of the Universal Studios Singapore 2014 park expansion efforts. Among the many new features is the new stage show called The Dance for Magic Beans, located just outside the Donkey Live entrance in the Far Far Away section of the CIMG0362park. This 5-minute show is a dance battle between Puss and Kitty, and audience members are invited to stomp and clap along.

The show takes place at the Milk Bar, where the bartender is hosting a dance competition for the Magic Beans, mystical artifacts that can lead to great fortune. She then welcomes the audience to clap and stomp to the rhythm. The contestants are introduced, and the dance kicks off with solos from first Kitty, then Puss. The climax comes when the duo engages in a cute couple dance. There are photo opportunities with Puss and Kitty after the show ends, and it has been well-received by guests.

In addition to this show, USS has also added new Puss in Boots-themed souvenirs in Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop, as well as meet and greet sessions with Puss. The highlight of this expansion will come later in the year, when Universal Studios Singapore unleashes the park’s sixth roller coaster – Puss in Boots and the Giant Journey.

– Hao Jie, Theme Park Adventure Southeast Asia Team Member

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Low Hao Jie is a Singapore-based theme park fan, who is currently serving his National Service. He graduated from Anderson Junior College with 6 distinctions at GCE “A” Level exams in 2012, and volunteers at local Grassroots Organisations. Aspiring to be an amusement ride engineer, he also participates actively in online discussions and maintains his own blog (seconddrop.blogspot.sg).

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