Universal Studios Singapore at Christmas

SAMSUNG CSCLog Cakes, Presents and Candy Cane. What else do you want for Christmas? A winter wonderland will certainly be great in tropical Singapore, and that is exactly what Universal Studios Singapore has accomplished. Christmas at Santa’s Land is the 2014 edition of this annual event, where guests can experience seasonal shows, food and decorations.

As with Universal Studios Singapore’s Christmas events of years past, the main highlight of Christmas at Santa’s Land is the extended opening hours till 9 PM. In the evening, New York and Hollywood sections are lit up by glittering “stars” and all rides remain open.

Santa’s Land Transformation

At the park’s entrance, guests are immediately be greeted by a giant Christmas wreath. More Christmas wreaths can be found hanging over balconies and store entrances along Hollywood Boulevard. There are some seasonal products at a far corner of the Universal Studios Store, and you might even catch the Minions from Despicable Me in Santa hats!

There is a giant façade at the end of Hollywood where guests can take photos with Santa. I just wish Universal Studios Singapore would publish the photo taking time slots just like they do for the Minions. New York is decorated in a similar way to Hollywood, with the addition of a giant Christmas tree at the Public Library. Guess what the tree is made up of? Answer: Sesame Street plush toys!

Minor decoration can also be found at the Far Far Away and Madagascar regions, and snow will fall in New York every hour.

Sesame Street Saves Christmas

universal-studios-singapore-christmas-2014 (17)Unlike last year, the show this year takes place inside the Hollywood Theatre. I like this arrangement, as it is certainly much better to watch the show from the comfort of a seat. Basically, the show goes like this: The Sesame Street gang attempts to bring Christmas to Sesame Street, only to find that Santa’s reindeer, Rudolf, has gone missing. There is a lot of singing and dancing, and familiar Christmas tunes. Finally, Super Grover takes up the challenge and becomes Santa’s “reindeer” for the year. Christmas is saved!

It is noteworthy that this show has been awarded the IAAPA Brass Ring Award for best show production.

Universal Studios Singapore at Night

Santa’s Land comes into its own at night, when the streets of Hollywood and New York are lit by thousands of glittering jewels strung over the Christmas wreaths and Christmas trees. In addition, guests can opt to experience the Christmas Dinner Buffet for SGD40. All rides are open till 9 PM, and there are fireworks at 9.30 PM on select nights.

The main addition to Universal Studios Singapore at night are Santa’s Toy Soldiers in The Changing of The Guard. This is a whimsical show with lots of antics, fun moments and the complete lack of soldiering discipline. Some actors even performe acrobatic moves during the show. The beautiful neon lights on New York Public Library do well to complement the show.



While I wish that Universal spent more effort decorating the Far Far Away area and also would give both the New York and Hollywood decoration some unique personalities, we all love Christmas, and I am convinced that Christmas at Santa’s Land 2014 made us love holiday season even more!

– Hao Jie, Theme Park Adventure Southeast Asia Team Member

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