Universal Orlando Unveils Volcano Bay Virtual Line TapuTapu Band

Universal Orlando Volcano Bay TapuTapu bandUniversal Orlando has unveiled its new TapuTapu band – a wearable accessory that will allow guests to spend more time exploring the resort’s new Volcano Bay water park, and less time standing in a traditional queue while waiting for a water slide or attraction.

TapuTapu will be given to every guest with their admission to Volcano Bay, which opens to the public on May 25, 2017.

On the surface, TapuTapu appears to be Universal’s answer to Disney’s popular Fastpass technology, which allows park guests to reserve time slots when they visit an attraction and don’t have to use the “standby” queue, often bypassing hefty wait times. TapuTapu also allows Volcano Bay guests to interact with their surroundings, such as lighting up colorful cave paintings with the wave of the hand.

Wearing the colorful bands, guests will go to whichever attraction they are interested in at Volcano Bay, and will simply activate their Virtual Line spot by putting the band in close proximity to a themed totem. Then, acting like a digital watch of sorts, the TapuTapu will notify guests when it’s time to return to that attraction with its name and a small symbol depicting it showing up on the band’s small LCD screen.

Fans seem to be pretty excited about this new innovation from Universal, and the general consensus is, once TapuTapu has been successfully integrated into Volcano Bay, that we will see it begin to spread to other portions of Universal Orlando. This is likely the genesis of something much larger, which we will see evolve over the years to come.

  • Rick West

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