Trick Eye Experience Comes to Monte Carlo Resort and Casino Las Vegas

Trick Eye Experience at Monte Carlo Las VegasAs if the Las Vegas Strip wasn’t bursting with crazy, cool, and unique things to see and do, there’s a brand-new experience that’s caught our attention – and is sure to be turning heads. Trick Eye Experience has come to the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, where it will continue to evolve into 2018.

What is Trick Eye Experience? It’s a series of life-sized 3-D art displays that encourage people to walk up and pose for photos in front of. The unique way in which the art has been created messes with your perception of depth and space, making for some truly fun photo ops! Trick Eye Experience is a collaboration between Monte Carlo and We Talk Chalk, a full-service art firm with West and East Coast studios that offers turnkey 3-D street painting, street art and chalk art solutions for companies and organizations around the world.

This week, three Trick Eye installations were unveiled around the Monte Carlo property (which is part of the MGM Resorts International conglomerate in Las Vegas).

The first, located on BLVD Plaza, pays homage to Nevada’s desert landscape; it features three brown and orange scorpions outside of a large terrarium. Standing in front of the mural, it appears as though guests are inside the terrarium, next to cactus and a fuchsia succulent, as the scorpions crawl nearby. The second piece features a colorful stack of macaroons, also inside a large terrarium. Guests can pose “inside” the glass, which makes it look like they’re holding up a leaning tower of the mouth-watering treats. For the more daring, a third piece of the Trick Eye installation can be found near the west casino entrance of Monte Carlo, across the street from the T-Mobile Arena. It depicts a huge great white shark bursting out of the water, its gaping mouth filled with enormous, razor-sharp teeth. Guests posing in front of the mural appear to be the shark’s main course!

“Each piece creates the illusion of being a part of the painting and invites those walking by to engage with the murals and take photos,” said Melanie Stimmell, creator of the Trick Eye Experience. “At first, observers are unsure of what they’re looking at, but as soon as someone joins the piece, each work of art comes alive.”

In a town where patrons are bombarded at every turn by day-bright LED marquees and vibrant slot machine screens, something as beautiful and artistic as the Trick Eye Experience absolutely is a delightful addition to the otherwise-manic nature of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s really cool that guests visiting the Monte Carlo property can stop and not only enjoy some cool artwork – they can interact with it. I love that idea, and hope that other resorts in town are inspired to commission their own similar works. Definitely, I can see something like this spreading to other MGM properties and beyond; the possibilities and creative applications are endless!

The great news is, you have time to see this. The Trick Eye Experience is going to continue to grow and expand across the Monte Carlo resort throughout this year, with new additions being installed into 2018!

  • Rick West

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