TPA’s Winter Nights at Sam’s Kicks Off Strong!

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On Sunday, November 11, Theme Park Adventure’s monthly fan gatherings resumed after a brief Halloween hiatus. The first Winter Nights at Sam’s gathering took place at Trader Sam’s, which is located at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California.

This summer, Theme Park Adventure began hosting meets at Trader Sam’s, which is a fan favorite and Disney hot spot for sweet tropical drinks, relaxing outdoor musical entertainment and absolutely over-the-top hilarious insanity inside as volcanoes erupt, bells clang and bar stools raise and lower seemingly at will!

Dominating the patio area outside the Tangaroa Terrace restaurant next to Trader Sam’s, the Theme Park Adventure gatherings drew more and more fans together as the summer progressed. Many of the folks coming to the Trader Sam’s TPA gathering are haunters, and unless you’re completely new to Theme Park Adventure, you know how busy we are when the Halloween season rolls around! And so, TPA took a break and put the Sam’s meets on hold during the month of October.

This month, we kicked off the gatherings once again in the same location as TPA’s Winter Nights at Sam’s! Our little tiki logo even got a holiday make-over, thanks to renowned tiki artist/theme park designer Tom Thordarson! The crowd that assembled on the 11th was our largest Sam’s group yet, numbering more than 60! Many Southern California haunts were represented at the meet: Knott’s Halloween Haunt, Queen Mary Dark Harbor, Sinister Pointe, Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, Haunted Mansion Haunt, The Empty Grave, Haunted Hollywood Sports, Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, and Chambers of the Mausoleum/Labyrinth of Lost Relics! It was a huge haunter turnout, and it was incredible to see everyone come together as friends to share their personal stories and share in celebrating the close of the 2012 season!

In addition to all of the fantastic haunters/fans in attendance, Theme Park Adventure also was pleased to host two very special guests for everyone to meet and mingle with. The first was Mark Silverman, voice actor and theme park enthusiast; one of his most popular credits is being the voice of Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction in Orlando and Anaheim as Rod Serling! To hear Mark recite lines from Tower is enough to make any Disney fan completely geek out! The second special guest of the evening was Rick Polizzi, owner of Boney Island home haunt and former long-time producer of The Simpsons! Rick mingled and mixed with fans, as did Mark, answering questions, talking about their own careers and sincerely inquiring about the various haunted attractions where people worked.

The first 30 fans to show up received Winter Nights at Sam’s logo buttons, and they went very quickly! As the group grew, there was much food, booze and laughter to be had; and it was wonderful! The staff of Trader Sam’s and Tangaroa Terrace were awesome, as usual. From 7:00 P.M. until almost midnight, TPAers from all walks hung out and had a wonderful time chatting and sharing. The warmth from the tiki torches and heat lamps on the patio kept everyone very toasty, which was great!

Our next Winter Nights at Sam’s will be announced shortly – and we expect a huge turnout again as we gather once more before the Christmas holiday! We thank everyone for coming out and look forward to the next gathering!

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