TPA Haunts on Halloween at Chambers of the Mausoleum

chambers_halloweenHalloween is the busiest time of year for Theme Park Adventure, hands-down. In 2014, we have clocked 39 haunt stops into our schedule, from the end of September to November 2nd. Usually, we spend a quiet Halloween night having dinner out and enjoying “the finish line” aspect of our exhausting terror trek. However, once in a blue moon, Johanna and I slip out into the darkness somewhere to do some spooking of our own on Halloween night! Such is the case this season. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be joining our dear friends for a night of thrills and chills at Chambers of the Mausoleum in Corona, California!

Chambers of the Mausoleum is a unique, wildly-creative haunted attraction that is outstanding in the way of creativity, makeup and character design, and immersive environment fabrication. Operated by the amazing folks from Figment Foundry and Garner Holt Productions, Chambers of the Mausoleum is our haunt of choice to call “home” for Halloween night 2014!

While we won’t give away where we are in the maze, I can tell you that we’re both going to be rotting corpses, sporting the look that you see in this story’s accompanying image! It may be easier to spot me, as I plan on being more… engaging than Johanna will be during the night. If you’re a TPAer, by all means, say hello – you never know if this monster will happen to stop long enough for a picture with you!

Wherever your tricks and treats take you tomorrow night, be safe and have an amazing time. If you happen to be visiting Chambers of the Mausoleum, I hope you have a blast – perhaps we’ll meet in the darkness!

– Rick West

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