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Disneyland’s 59th Anniversary – Love Letters & Memories

Photo-locations-post-Castle-10_06_DL_-3654Today, Disneyland celebrates its 59th Anniversary. On July 17, 1955, what is arguably the most famous theme park in the world was dedicated “to all who come to this happy place” by a beaming Walt Disney. The following day, Disneyland opened its gates to an eager public, and for the next five plus decades, the Happiest Place on Earth would truly serve “as a source of joy and inspiration to all the world” and the more than 600,000,000 guests that have passed through its main gate and through the entry tunnels to Main Street, U.S.A., and the magical lands beyond.

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Shrunken Heads by Thor Now Available!

Tom ShrunkenTom “Thor” Thordarson is a highly-respected artist and senior creative director within the themed entertainment industry working for companies such as Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Creative, Thinkwell, and BRC Imagination Arts. His work has been featured in Hawaiian galleries, and can be found adorning the walls of some of the world’s most famous tiki restaurants and bars, including Damon’s Steakhouse, in Glendale, California. In fact, Theme Park Adventure fans may also know that Thor is the creator of our TPA Tikis that are featured each month on our Trader Sam’s mixer buttons. His style is extremely vibrant, and the attention to detail even in Thor’s more cartoonish works is fantastic.

What fans may not know, is that since 2005, Thor has produced and sold astounding shrunken heads that are considered to be the best models money can buy. Enthusiasts from all over the world seek out these carefully hand-crafted oddities for personal collections, tiki bars and other bizarre showcases.

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Bahooka Drama Continues: WHERE is Rufus?

bahooka22Talk about a whale of a tale! In March of 2013, Bahooka, one of Southern California’s oldest and most beloved kooky tiki restaurant/bar establishments closed its doors for business, sending sentimental shockwaves throughout the fan community across the U.S. and beyond. While the details of what transpired between family members remain vague, there is one certainty – those left with control over Bahooka simply didn’t want it anymore, and so, the property was sold.

Shortly after the sale, word came that a new owner would be renovating Bahooka as a Chinese Restaurant, which prompted tiki fans far and wide to ask exactly what would happen to the establishment’s most famous resident – Rufus, a huge, carrot-eating, nearly 40 year-old Pacu that had became a celebrity over a period of decades at the location.

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