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Theme Park Adventure: It’s Time to Say Goodbye – Final Mixer Announced

This just could be the single most challenging thing I have ever written. There’s no easy way to finesse or be delicate with the wording, and it’s going to come as a shock to many people. I have decided after 24 amazing years, that it is time for me to retire Theme Park Adventure. Effective immediately, our ride together has come to a full and complete stop, and I cannot thank each of you enough for all of the love, support, incredible friendship, love, and laughs we have shared together over the past two decades.

This is a long entry; thank you in advance for reading it through – this will be my last post as Founder/Editor-in-Chief here on Theme Park Adventure.

When I started TPA in 1994, there is no way I could have ever imagined that it would go on to blaze trails, inspire so many others, become the very first themed entertainment fansite on the Internet, find itself in the hub of the haunt community, or eventually open the door for me to step through the looking glass and become a professional in the very industry I have spent so many years writing about. I was just a young guy with a passion and a penchant for writing who wanted to share his love of theme parks and Halloween with like-minded folks who were willing to read.

And you read.

Some of you have read for the past 24 years as our adventures together have taken us on a ride through the past, present, and the future. And what an incredible journey it’s been. Words cannot convey the gratitude I have for the many years of community and group spirit TPA has enjoyed. While every day, every story, every tweet, every video, every event has been special, I’d like to indulge for a moment and reflect on some TPA events/crossroads that come to mind when I think about the legacy of this site and everything that’s gone into it as a living, breathing entity.

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Theme Park Adventure Launches Official Instagram Feed

Instagram-LogoFurther expanding its global community, Theme Park Adventure will join Instagram beginning Friday evening, March 13, 2015! TPA’s Instagram address is instagram.com/themeparkadventure/.

“Theme Park Adventure has materialized in many shapes and forms over the past 20 years,” said Rick West, Founder/Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Theme Park Adventure. When we started TPA in 1994, we never dreamed of the Internet, let alone the various forms of social media the Digital Age would bring. In recent years, we have ventured out across the interwebs in various forms, and we believe the time is right for TPA to join the ranks of Instagram and its nearly 300 million users world-wide.”

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Theme Park Adventure Celebrates 20th Anniversary

TPAOn September 14th, more than 200 fans, haunters, and themed entertainment industry professionals attended Theme Park Adventure’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, which was hosted by Knott’s Berry Farm at the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel in Buena Park. The occasion marked a huge milestone for TPA, the internet’s first themed entertainment fan site, and one of the very first theme park publications ever in print in the mid-’90s.

“To give you an idea of what was happening in the world when we started TPA,” said Rick West, Founder and Editor of Theme Park Adventure, “Forrest GumpInterview with the Vampire, and The Lion King were in movie theaters. Treasure Island, MGM Grand, and Luxor were each celebrating their first anniversaries on The Strip in Las Vegas. The original Twilight Zone Tower of Terror had just opened in Florida, construction had just begun on Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Mystery Lodge had just opened at Knott’s Berry Farm and Jaguar had been announced, and construction was well underway a few miles away at Disneyland on The Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye.”

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Summer Nights at Sam’s 2 Mixer Recap

TPA's Summer Nights at Sam's 2 MixerOn July 13th, Theme Park Adventure hosted its Summer Nights at Sam’s 2 mixer at Trader Sam’s, located at the Disneyland Hotel. TPA’s monthly gatherings are free and open to all themed entertainment fans, haunters and industry professionals – and there is always a fantastic blend of each representing! July’s gathering was no different, as everyone socialized and mingled under the tiki torches on the patio outside of Sam’s and Tangaroa Terrace! Our Summer Nights 2 gathering was the final mixer before ScareLA 2014, so the crowd was extra-excited and pumped by the up-coming Halloween convention, which was held August 9th and 10th in downtown Los Angeles. So, there were lots of really excited Halloween fans in attendance, as Theme Park Adventure makes up 1/2 of ScareLA’s production team.

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Opening Night Critters – Busch Gardens Tampa

OPENING NIGHT CRITTERS_4Busch Gardens Tampa’s newest live stage show Opening Night Critters takes the stage this summer in Pantopia Theater. Featuring rescued domestic and exotic animals, including dogs, cats, birds, a horse and a kangaroo, among others, this theatrical tale follows a couple of stage hands as they haphazardly find themselves in the spotlight as the human stars in an all-animal production.

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