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First Look: 17th Door Haunted House Coming to Tustin for Halloween 2015

17th Door Haunted House (6)Meet Robbie and Heather Luther. They’re the typical couple from Orange County, California. Well-educated, a beautiful family, financially comfortable, extremely motivated with multiple businesses that they own, and hell-bent on crushing souls this Halloween season and making adults scream for mercy.

The Luthers are the newest members of the Southern California haunt community, and admittedly, are quite the enigma thus far. They don’t fit the typical mold of what a “haunter” is; they didn’t grow up working or building haunted houses with friends, they’re not necessarily huge fans of the horror genre, and while they’ve attended major haunts such as Knott’s Scary Farm and Universal Studios Hollywood over the years (a few times as casual guests), they’ve never become involved in the haunted attraction community and are, by design, fairly oblivious to how it all works here and elsewhere around the country.

For a few years, Robbie thought it would be fun to create a haunted house, combining his skills and know-how learned from other businesses he has his hands in – including fabrication, sound design, and architecture. Basically, Robbie comes to the table with an incredible knowledge base perfect for designing haunted attractions. The idea of creating a haunt however, has always taken a back seat to “real” projects; it’s always been the “nice to have” thought lurking in the back of his mind. Recently, his wife, Heather, said that she wanted to start up a new project, and when they began brainstorming what their next venture would be – bingo! The 17th Door finally had a green light!

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