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Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor New Maze and Spirit to be Announced at Midsummer Scream 2017

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor new maze and character to be revealed at Midsummer Scream 2017As the excitement builds in anticipation of next weekend’s Midsummer Scream convention in Long Beach, the Queen Mary has just announced that it will be revealing a new Dark Harbor maze and character to fans during its hour-long presentation on Saturday, July 29 in the Terrace Theater (main stage).

Typically, each of the major theme parks and attractions that participate in Midsummer Scream thrill guests with enticing presentations and discussions of what’s to be expected come Halloween time. The biggest moments come when the attractions unveil a new maze or major component – that is the pièce de résistance as far as fans are concerned; it’s what they line up for, and it’s what they hope to witness when they pour into the theater each summer.

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Knott’s Berry Farm Joins Universal Studios Hollywood, Queen Mary, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Walt Disney Imagineering at Midsummer Scream

Knott's Scary FarmMidsummer Scream Halloween Festival proudly announces that it has secured the biggest names and brands in themed entertainment as partnering content providers for its debut event to be held July 30 – 31 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Midsummer Scream is California’s premier Halloween, haunt and horror festival featuring more than 100,000 square feet of artisan vendors, live entertainment, specialty workshops, makeup demonstrations, a screening room, haunted attraction previews and experiences, a darkened scare zone and more.

Fans of all ages will be thrilled and captivated this summer by world-class panel presentations by the leaders in themed entertainment as they wow Midsummer Scream audiences with 2016 maze reveals, special guests and heart-stopping surprises throughout the final weekend in July at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Knott’s Berry Farm is the most recent major attraction to join Midsummer Scream’s world-class lineup, rounding-out the bulk of Southern California’s theme park/major Halloween events that draw millions to Los Angeles and Orange County each autumn.

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Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor 2015 Review – A Shipload of Terrifying Fun!

Dark Harbor 2015_5262Compared to the other large-scale haunted attraction events in Southern California, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is the new kid on the block. While there have been haunts hosted at the Queen Mary for quite some time, Dark Harbor and its very specific theme and character roster has only been there for 6 seasons. Aging like a fine wine, I’d have to say that 2015 was my favorite so far for Dark Harbor; it is maturing and coming into its own so nicely, that many fans are declaring it to be their favorite “theme park haunt” for numerous reasons.

The Queen Mary is, as I have said in the past, arguably the most unique setting for a large-scale haunt event anywhere in the world. With an established history of paranormal activity and ghoulish happenings, having some of Dark Harbor take place on the actual ship itself is worth the price of admission right off the bat. The more recent “dark carnival” element that has been added to the surrounding area – has been embraced and lauded by fans from far and near for the most part. The combination of haunted passenger ship and twisted carnival is so strange that it works – it works beautifully together, and is pulled off by an unparalleled cast of original characters; home-grown intellectual properties (IP) that have amassed huge popularity in just a few years; more so than any other haunt we’re familiar with here in Southern California.

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Anubis Paintball Adventure Coming to Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor 2015

Queen Mary Dark HarborFear lives here at The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor as the torrid history of the haunted ship rises from the deep October 1 – November 1, 2015. In addition to Dark Harbor’s horrific new maze, Lullaby, that tells the tale of the ship’s youngest soul, Scary Mary, the annual fright festival is thrilled to unveil the all-new Anubis Paintball Adventure.

Those who dare will venture into the tombs of Anubis, the Greek Egyptian jackal-headed god of mummification and the afterlife. In Anubis’ underworld, guests will test their skills in an LED 3D paintball battle against the most terrifying gaggle of mummies, monsters and myths.

The brand new Lullaby maze will take guests on a frightening voyage with Dark Harbor’s youngest soul, Scary Mary, who has haunted the Queen Mary ever since her horrific drowning in the poolroom in 1952. Dark Harbor will also welcome the new Side Show of Freaks and Oddities and the Side Show Bar that will bring guests up close into the grotesque world of freaks.

The Ringmaster, The Captain and their band of spirits including Samuel the Savage, Graceful Gale, Half-Hatch Henry and Scary Mary will be joined by over 200 grizzly monsters and ghouls that will be plotting terrifying tricks and treats throughout the season of fear. Dark Harbor’s signature haunts Deadrise, Soulmate, B340, Circus and the Voodoo Village will be wrought with more horrific monsters than ever before.

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Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Announces Lullaby Maze for 2015

Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2015 teaseThe Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor rises once again from the deep history of the infamously haunted ship October 1 – November 1, 2015. Dark Harbor is thrilled to unveil the horrific new maze, Lullaby, that tells the tale of the ship’s youngest soul, Scary Mary. The chilling new Side Show of Freaks and Oddities, new attractions and new monsters will be orchestrated by The Ringmaster and all of the ghoulish spirits of the Queen for its most frightful season of thrills yet.

Lullaby will take fear-seekers on a terrifying voyage with Dark Harbor’s youngest soul, Scary Mary, who has haunted the Queen Mary ever since her horrific drowning in the poolroom in 1952. Mary was a bad seed from birth. Before her death, mysterious tragedies and unexplained occurrences seemed to follow in Mary’s wake.  She isn’t looking for just one playmate; she wants a whole playground of souls to play with in the afterlife.  She can be spotted through out Dark Harbor, but the poolroom of the ship is her playroom. One must proceed through Lullaby with caution, as it may be the last journey through Dark Harbor as a mortal soul.

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