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Pirates of the Caribbean 50th Anniversary at Disneyland Resort

Pirates of the Caribbean 50th AnniversaryPssssssssssst! Avast there! Pirates of the Caribbean, the greatest adventure to ever set sail has been sacking the Spanish Main celebrated its 50th Anniversary this weekend at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.

To mark the occasion, Disneyland offered mouth-watering treats in New Orleans Square including Golden Churro, Buccaneer Pulled Pork Sandwich, Jolly Roger Punch, and Lost TreasureBeignets. In addition to themed food items, guests found live entertainment popping up throughout the Square, including special appearances by Captain Jack Sparrow himself. As would be expected, Disney also released limited edition merchandise, including T shirts, commemorating the occasion.

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Creating Pirates of the Caribbean at WED – Throwback Thursday

Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-Disneyland-WED (3)

Lee Toombs applying detail to a Pirates of the Caribbean figure’s face.

It’s hard to imagine in a way, but Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is now 48 years old. In today’s world of high-tech attractions and digital wizardry creating media-based effects and ride experiences, Pirates of the Caribbean stands out as one of the greatest ever created. In my own opinion, Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean remains the single greatest attraction ever designed and built, hands down. The fact that Pirates stands up to all other rides and attractions nearly five decades later, is a testament to the vision of Walt Disney and his talented team of designers that he assembled at WED in Glendale, California, to take on this huge project.

Even as a child, I had an affinity for Pirates of the Caribbean. Woe be my family if we arrived at Disneyland to find Pirates listed on the “Attractions Not Operating” board at the ticket booths! In later years, my love of Pirates would grow by leaps and bounds, as that was my first attraction to work on when I became a Disneyland Cast Member in 1988. When you’re brought into the theme park fold at Disney, you’re warned that becoming an employee will likely ruin the “magic”, since you’re about to learn the gritty ins and outs of the operation. Pirates training then was a two day process. Not only did I have to learn the ride system competently, I had to become familiar with the labyrinthine footprint of Pirates itself, which is comprised of two very large multi-level show buildings. It’s very easy to get completely turned around and lost wandering through the Pirates show buildings – so it is essential that Cast Members assigned to working it be very familiar with all aspects of it.

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Pirates of the Caribbean at Shanghai Disneyland

shanghai-disneylandThe Walt Disney Company has just released two images from Pirates of the Caribbean on its Disney Parks Blog of progress being made in China on its newest large-scale international theme park endeavor, Shanghai Disneyland.

One image from the attraction – its full name being Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure – shows two very large practical ship hulls, positioned on either side of a flume trough that will carry passengers on boats between the two battling vessels. It has been reported by various entities that the ride system being utilized by Walt Disney Imagineering acts more like an Omnimover in that each boat will float through the water on a “turntable” mechanism, that will allow them to be turned in any direction at a pre-determined show moment to face a particular scene, prop or event within the ride.

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