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Los Angeles Live Steamers to Fans: “Leave us Alone!”

GHOST_TRAIN_2013_4307In the wake of our September 17 story regarding the closure of the Los Angeles Live Steamers’ annual Ghost Train event, fans of all walks have expressed their sadness and disappointment online and on social media. Certainly, the disappointment is widespread, as the LALS board of directors surely must have been anticipating when they voted to cancel the Halloween event.

Jay Carsman, a member of the club who originally reached out to Theme Park Adventure, asking us to remove all Ghost Train content on our site, instead voluntarily offered us a very detailed explanation into the club’s decision to do away with this 15 year-old event in Griffith Park here in Los Angeles.

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Ghost Train Cancelled by Los Angeles Live Steamers Board of Directors

ghost-train-2015_84022016 brings a lot of change to Halloween in Southern California. Sadly, not all of that change is good news. Case in point, Ghost Train, an incredible family event that has thrilled guests of all ages for the past 15 years in Griffith Park will not be returning. In an executive decision made by the Los Angeles Live Steamers board of directors this summer, it was decided that the beloved Halloween event would not return this year.

The word of Ghost Train’s sudden demise came in the form of public announcements from LA Live Steamers Railroad Museum on their official website as well as Facebook page – which fans immediately spoke up against. As a result, those early posts (and a slew of public outcry) were deleted, and a much more abbreviated and under-the-radar announcement is all that’s left on the organization’s website, offering no explanation regarding the situation or decision.

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Monty the Monorail Visiting Disney Barn at LA Live Steamers Museum

monty-monorailToday, Sunday, May 17, Monty the Monorail will pass through the Los Angeles area and make a whistle stop at Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum in Griffith Park!

Besides the LALS displays, Monty the Monorail will be accompanied at the museum by an old friend – Disney Legend Bob Gurr, who helped design the vehicle that once operated as part of the Walt Disney World Monorail fleet in Orlando. Monty’s new owner has been touring the country with this piece of Disney history; stopping at the LA Live Steamers property is a big opportunity for Southern California Disney fans to see Monty up close and meet Bob Gurr!

Monty the Monorail is too large to take through the gate into the LA Live Steamers property, so it will be displayed in the parking lot outside, and a large tent will be set up to provide shade for Bob Gurr and Monty’s owner, so that they can mingle with guests in the shade. Guests likely will not be able to access the Monorail while it is on display.

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REVIEW: LA Live Steamers Ghost Train 2013

Los Angeles is a hotbed of events and attractions when it comes to the Halloween scene each year. From world-class home haunts to major theme park scare events, LA has it all – and I will venture to say that no one in the world has a more dense, diverse, and high quality range of haunted attractions than we do right here in Southern California. That said, Halloween in Los Angeles does tend to be adult-oriented, and we are often asked, “What is there for families to do or see?” The answer is always a no-brainer: Everyone of all ages must visit the LA Live Steamers Ghost Train event for an evening of absolutely awesome spooky fun!

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