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A Very Quick Trip Through Washington DC for Tourists

Arlington_National_Cemetery (17)Many of you know that this month, we flew to Virginia to finally visit Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Kings Dominion. In the time that we spent on the East Coast, we also made whistle stops in Colonial Williamsburg, where we took in a fantastic ghost tour, as well as Washington, D.C., Arlington, and nearby Old Town Alexandria. It was a trip full of firsts for TPA, and after doing loads of research and some careful planning, we managed to pull it all off flawlessly. It occurred to me that many of our TPAers (as well as those stumbling across this feature story) may be in the same boat we were a few weeks ago – a few hours to spend in Washington, and no clue as to what to see or do.

The following is a trip report, as well as a research tool with our suggestions based on our own observations and experience. If we can help someone out with the planning of their whistle stop in Washington, that’s fantastic; otherwise, I hope you enjoy our observations and reflections on our quick trip through D.C. and surrounding areas!

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