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Boot Hill Home Haunt 2014 Brings the Old West to Irvine

Boot Hill 2014-104514Each Halloween season, Boot Hill rises from the grave and brings Old West terror and mayhem to the otherwise-friendly streets of Woodbridge in Irvine, California. One of the most elaborate home haunts in the Southland, Boot Hill is a visually stunning mixture of high-tech spookery and good old-fashioned jump scares that is family-friendly and can be toned up or down on the fly, depending on the age of visitors.

I have a hand in the legacy of Boot Hill; I co-created it with Shea Foley more than 15 years ago, writing its back story and developing the look and directing the custom soundtrack that was done for us by my long-time pal, the insanely talented Andy Garfield. Back then, it was pretty much unheard of for home haunts to have custom scores written – however, it was something we all just wanted to do; it felt like the right thing to do, to support the story. In a lot of ways, I think Boot Hill was ahead of the home haunt curve, taking its cue from the legendary Hallowed Haunting Grounds that existed once upon a time in Studio City, California.

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Boot Hill Home Haunt in Orange County Looking for Faithful Spooks

Boot Hill SpooksThere’s no denying or holding it back; Halloween is in the air, despite 100-degree temperatures and lazy summer days. Haunted attractions are already hosting auditions, and pro/home haunters are in the midst of amassing and building their works of terror.

Boot Hill, one of the most elaborate and popular home haunts in the Southland, is gearing up for yet another materialization in Irvine (Woodbridge, to be exact), and this year promises to be the attraction’s biggest and spookiest year yet! To pull it off, the team behind Boot Hill are looking for some dead-icated volunteers to help this Halloween, from build to scaring the daylights out of guests this October!

2015 will be Boot Hill’s 16th season in operation. The home haunt, themed to the Old West, attracts thousands of visitors each year and has become a whistle stop for Halloween fans of all ages. Boot Hill is a large-scale yard display that features sets, elaborate special effects, and creeping ghouls lurking in the fog.

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Boot Hill Home Haunt 2013

Boot Hill 2013Once upon a nightmare, there lived – and died – the town of Bridgewood. And so begins the legend of Boot Hill, as I wrote it more than 10 years ago, when I co-founded the home haunt in Irvine, California, with Shea Foley. For a few years, our yard haunt at 16 Goldenrod grew in leaps and bounds, from a small mismatch of tombstones and props, to a full-blown Old West cemetery, complete with special effects, a custom soundtrack and some really cool visual surprises!

As the years went on, Boot Hill continued to evolve under the direction of Shea as well as another dear friend of mine, Glenn Schmidt and a fine group of other friends as well into what is now one of the most spectacular home haunts in California. Drawing tons of visitors each night they are open, the Old West ghouls of Boot Hill lurk, jump, slide, and chase guests down the sidewalk in the normally idyllic Woodbridge neighborhood just off the 405 Freeway in Irvine! A portion of the haunt’s donation proceeds benefit Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), which is also a great touch to this already-outstanding home attraction.

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