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Ghost Train Screams Back Into Service for Halloween 2017 in Los Angeles

In 2016, the Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum announced that its beloved Ghost Train event would not be returning as one of the city’s only family-centric Halloween attractions after 15 years of operation. Theme Park Adventure covered this unfortunate turn of events closely, raising the ire of the club’s then Board of Directors when public outcry ensued. By all accounts, it seemed like a most unfortunate – and unwanted – end to a spooky event that people across the Southland absolutely adored; the Ghost Train had made its final whistle stop before rolling into oblivion.

We are thrilled to announce that the LA Live Steamers Railroad Museum has a new Board, and under the direction of its new leadership, Ghost Train is returning to Griffith Park once again, beginning this year!

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Los Angeles Live Steamers to Fans: “Leave us Alone!”

GHOST_TRAIN_2013_4307In the wake of our September 17 story regarding the closure of the Los Angeles Live Steamers’ annual Ghost Train event, fans of all walks have expressed their sadness and disappointment online and on social media. Certainly, the disappointment is widespread, as the LALS board of directors surely must have been anticipating when they voted to cancel the Halloween event.

Jay Carsman, a member of the club who originally reached out to Theme Park Adventure, asking us to remove all Ghost Train content on our site, instead voluntarily offered us a very detailed explanation into the club’s decision to do away with this 15 year-old event in Griffith Park here in Los Angeles.

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Oingo Boingo Dance Party Announced as Headliner for Midsummer Scream’s Noche de los Muertos Bash

Oingo-Boingo-Dance-Party-MSSLet’s have a party, there’s a full moon in the sky! Midsummer Scream is thrilled to announce Oingo Boingo Dance Party will headline its Noche de los Muertos (Night of the Dead) celebration and costume contest at the Long Beach Convention Center Saturday evening July 30th, 2016.

Oingo Boingo Dance Party is comprised of former Oingo Boingo members Johnny Vatos, Steve Bartek, John Avila, Sam “Sluggo” Phipps, Carl Graves and Doug Lacy, along with a host of other wildly-talented musicians that keep the legacy of the iconic band alive and thriving for fans of multiple generations.

Known for their unique sound which includes explosive percussion, electrifying guitar riffs and a full horns section, Oingo Boingo’s extensive song catalogue includes Only a Lad, Little Girls, Weird Science, No One Lives Forever, and the venerable Dead Man’s Party. The band hosted Halloween shows in Irvine each year at the height of its popularity, with thousands of “Tender Lumplings” – the given nickname for their adoring fans – showing up in costumes and skeletal makeup, as the underlying thematic style of the group commonly centered around Dia de los Muertos.

“Oingo Boingo was synonymous with Halloween here in Southern California in the ‘80s and ‘90s,” said Rick West, Creative Director of Midsummer Scream. “What better way to launch our event than a concert featuring these legendary performers doing what they do best as Oingo Boingo Dance Party? To me, bringing these musicians and the haunt and horror community together under one roof is a no-brainer. They’re going to bring the house down!”

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REVIEW: LA Live Steamers Ghost Train 2013

Los Angeles is a hotbed of events and attractions when it comes to the Halloween scene each year. From world-class home haunts to major theme park scare events, LA has it all – and I will venture to say that no one in the world has a more dense, diverse, and high quality range of haunted attractions than we do right here in Southern California. That said, Halloween in Los Angeles does tend to be adult-oriented, and we are often asked, “What is there for families to do or see?” The answer is always a no-brainer: Everyone of all ages must visit the LA Live Steamers Ghost Train event for an evening of absolutely awesome spooky fun!

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