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Creep LA: Lore Announced for Halloween 2017 Season

For fans of the macabre and bizarre, the announcement that Creep LA and the team behind Lore podcast have teamed up for an intense walk-through experience here in Los Angeles for Halloween 2017 is nothing short of really freaking rad and exciting!

Theme Park Adventure has long admired the work of Justin Fix and his team at Just Fix It Productions, whether it be their trademark Creep LA hauntings, or their more theatrical endeavors, such as The Willlows. What JFI brings to the community is always fresh, exciting, and unnerving – all without making guests feel as though they are being put in uncertain or precarious situations – and that is something that is very important to us as fans of this type of entertainment; we appreciate knowing that Justin and his crew understand where that line between safety and perceived danger lies, never taking us beyond it into iffy territory. Each of their past Creep productions have been stunning, and The Willows was simply remarkable this year.

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