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Start Some Good Campaign – Walt Disney Birthplace

walt_disney_birthplaceThe Walt Disney Birthplace kicked off its “Start Some Good” fundraising campaign on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 and will run until Walt Disney’s birthday on December 5, 2014.  The fundraiser, www.startsomegood.com/WDB, will support costs associated with the Phase one exterior restoration efforts.  A variety of special events will also be a part of the campaign.

Walt Disney fans worldwide are rejoicing that the landmark home in Chicago, IL where Walt and Roy Disney were born has been privately purchased and is in the process of being restored. The modest home, built in 1893 by Elias and Flora Disney for their growing family, will become a museum and cultural space. The target date for completion of Phase 1 of the exterior restoration is December 2014.

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Walt Disney Birthplace Preservation Project

Concept art depicting Disney's restored birthplace

Concept art depicting Disney’s restored birthplace

Theme Park Adventure is excited to get the word out about a monumental restoration/preservation project that is underway right now in Chicago – the transformation of the home that Walt Disney was born in, into an iconic landmark returned to its original appearance, complete with historical, educational and fun content to be explored and cherished by generations of Disney enthusiasts of all ages! This project is asking for public funding – and they are well on their way; however, they need everyone’s help in realizing this special dream! It’s only fitting that on December 15th, the anniversary of Walt Disney’s death in 1966, that Theme Park Adventure celebrates this remarkable project with its readers and TPAers everywhere in order to celebrate the life and eternal spirit of this very special man! Please, read on and contribute whatever you can – and help spread this link and the word everywhere you can online…

“On behalf of the Disney family, we are so pleased to see Walt Disney’s historic birthplace and family home being restored to its humble origins in the City of Chicago,” said Roy Patrick Disney, grandson to Roy O. Disney and Walt’s great nephew. “The outpouring of support and excitement we’ve seen from both city officials and Disney fans alike has been simply wonderful, and this is truly a fitting way to honor both Walt and Roy O. Disney, the pioneering brothers who forever changed the face of family entertainment, and, of course, will forever be two of Chicago’s most prominent native sons.”

Roy Patrick Disney
Grandson to Roy O. Disney and Walt’s Great Nephew

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