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Bone Yard Effects Invites Haunt Fans INTO THE BLACK at Pomona Fairplex this Halloween

INTO THE BLACK logoINTO THE BLACK is a brand-new haunt experience for 2017 created by Bone Yard Effects, Inc. that will take visitors on a harrowing journey this Halloween season at the Pomona Fairplex in Southern California.

In 1866, Anton and Isabella Black built a large home deep in the woods, a fair distance from any village. They were reclusive, socially awkward individuals that kept to themselves and were rarely seen in public. Once locals began disappearing, people began speaking in whispers about the Blacks. Some suggested they were murderers. Others claimed that the couple was heavily involved with the occult – and that those who had gone missing were taken as part of heinous Satanic rituals and offerings. It didn’t take long for the woods to be deemed “off limits”. The looming Victorian in the heart of those woods would become known as the House of the Devil. For decades, no one ventured into the woods and eventually, the home and its occupants faded into obscurity. The lore surrounding The Black House was passed down for generations until people began to question the validity of the information at hand.

Recently, paranormal investigation teams and curious thrill seekers have started to return to the area, searching for any sign of The Black House or clues that shed light on whatever happened to Anton and Isabella – or those unfortunate souls who entered the woods all those years ago, never to return. Despite their best efforts, everyone looking for answers emerges empty-handed, casting even more doubt on the stories attributed to “the most evil place on Earth.”

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Hall of Shadows to Feature Full Scare Zone, Roaming Monsters, and 9 Haunted Attraction Previews at Midsummer Scream

MidsummerScreamLogoOne of the most exciting and unique components of Midsummer Scream – California’s premier Halloween, haunt and horror festival – will be its Hall of Shadows dark zone, featuring roaming monsters, entertainment, and 9 terrifying mini haunted attraction experiences.

Hall of Shadows will occupy more than one third of the Halloween festival’s 90,000 square-foot show floor this year, giving thousands of fans the opportunity to preview home and professional haunts each day, included with their admission to Midsummer Scream. In addition to the haunted attractions, those brave enough to venture into Hall of Shadows will experience a full-blown scare zone, Toxicity, high-energy performances by the Decayed Brigade slider team three times each day, and many terrifying monsters lurking in the fog, waiting to pounce!


Created by Larry Bones and his crew at Bone Yard Effects, Toxicity is an immersive experience set within the walls of a genetics lab that has suffered a toxic explosion that will leave guests screaming as they are attacked by twisted, mutated scientists from all sides. Bone Yard Effects creates the makeup applications and prosthetics each year for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Toxicity Creature Design

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Bone Yard Effects Bringing Alice in Terrorland and a Host of Horrific Creatures to Midsummer Scream

alice in terrorland logoVeteran special effects makeup artist Larry Bones and his world-class team of artists from Bone Yard Effects will turn a host of volunteers into savage creatures that will roam the show floor and Hall of Shadows during this summer’s Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival held July 30 – 31 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Bones, whose film credits include Congo, Outbreak and Shallow Hal, will oversee the transformation of dozens of volunteers throughout the weekend to populate the entire Midsummer Scream venue, from the ominous Hall of Shadows to the vendor/exhibitor show floor and beyond. For the past 10 years, Larry has overseen the makeup needs for Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights.

“We are thrilled to have Larry as a creative partner,” said Claire Dunlap, Associate Producer of Midsummer Scream. “The enthusiasm he’s had for our event since the onset is infectious. At launch Larry committed his full support for which we are ecstatic. Having Bone Yard Effects with FX Faces at the helm of our most anticipated portion of the show floor creates excitement for our organization and the thousands of guest who’ll get to admire – and be terrorized by – his amazing talents. Larry is providing all that his creative genius has to offer and it is a win-win for everyone involved.”

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Bone Yard Effects Presents Angels & Demons at ScareLA 2015

Angels&Demons - logoScareLA, the Southern California convention dedicated to Halloween, is pleased to announce the premiere of an exclusive interactive exhibit Angels & Demons by renowned makeup artist Larry Bones of Bone Yard Effects, this August 8 and 9 at the Pasadena Convention Center. A fan favorite for the past two years, Bones returns to ScareLA accompanied by over two dozen talented artists to transform select ScareLA attendees into beautiful and terrifying creatures from the supernatural.

“I’m so excited to bring Bone Yard Effects back to ScareLA this year,” says Larry Bones, founder of Bone Yard Effects. “I have loved being part of this awesome event for the past two years, and am amazed by how fast it is growing. As ScareLA gets bigger, we at Bone Yard have the opportunity to grow as well. I’m pleased to announce Bone Yard’s Angels & Demons presentation. A huge team of Bone Yard artists will create either an angel or a demon character from head to toe, each with its own unique attributes. You’ll see over twenty five different characters over the weekend, and will have the opportunity to get a photo with them on our display stage. We look forward to seeing you all at ScareLA 2015!”

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Girls of the Bone Yard 2015-16 Calendar Available!

cover artOnce in a while, a story is borne of the haunt industry that has far-reaching effects well beyond October or the Halloween season/arena itself. Such is the case of the brand-new Girls of the Bone Yard 2015 – 2016 18-month calendar, created by Larry Bones and the team at Bone Yard Effects, here in Southern California!

The 18-month calendar features haunting, spooky imagery that features some of the ladies that work on the Bone Yard crew throughout the year. Best of all, $10 of every sale goes to the Share Our Strenth initiative called No Kid Hungry. No Kid Hungry aims to end childhood hunger in America by connecting kids in need with nutritious food and teaching families how to cook healthy, affordable meals.

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