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Baby Visayan Warty Pigs at San Diego Zoo

Rare Visayan Warty Pigs Born at San Diego Zoo A four-week-old Visayan warty pig appears to pose for the camera under the watchful eye of its mother at the San Diego Zoo. The piglet, one of two born on June 26, is still nursing from its mother and is justTwo energetic, four-week-old Visayan warty pigs showed off their running, jumping and climbing skills earlier today at the San Diego Zoo. The piglets, born on June 26, are still nursing from their mother but are beginning to eat solid foods of fruits and vegetables and particularly seem to enjoy lettuce. Keepers describe the piglets, whose genders are yet to be determined, as extremely curious and playful.

“These piglets are full of energy, running almost immediately after they are born,” said Bob Cisneros, animal care supervisor. “They are continually learning new behaviors and spend most of their day engaging in play behaviors, though like any newborn, they sometimes take the time to nap in their beds of hay.”

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