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FAN MAIL: TPA Knott’s Haunt Maze DVD & Rufus Mystery

Special Ops: Infected 2014Hi,

Can I buy a DVD, or better yet, a Blu-ray of your 2014 Knott’s Halloween walk-throughs of all the mazes, without the big white TPA logo in the lower right ?

How much would that be?


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Bahooka Drama Continues: WHERE is Rufus?

bahooka22Talk about a whale of a tale! In March of 2013, Bahooka, one of Southern California’s oldest and most beloved kooky tiki restaurant/bar establishments closed its doors for business, sending sentimental shockwaves throughout the fan community across the U.S. and beyond. While the details of what transpired between family members remain vague, there is one certainty – those left with control over Bahooka simply didn’t want it anymore, and so, the property was sold.

Shortly after the sale, word came that a new owner would be renovating Bahooka as a Chinese Restaurant, which prompted tiki fans far and wide to ask exactly what would happen to the establishment’s most famous resident – Rufus, a huge, carrot-eating, nearly 40 year-old Pacu that had became a celebrity over a period of decades at the location.

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Bahooka, Farewell and Aloha to You

Bahooka, one of California’s last great Tiki-style themed restaurants, closed its doors forever on Saturday, March 9, 2013. Iconic, absolutely absurd, and adored by countless fans for countless reasons, Bahooka leaves a legacy that will forever be recounted fondly by generations – those who grew up with the restaurant, and those like myself, who came to know and love the place late in the game. Its loss however, is profound in the Tiki community and on a larger scale, is another somber milestone in the passing of great old themed eateries that were just simply wacky fun.

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