Spring Has Sprung! TPA’s Spring Nights at Sam’s Begin!

TPA's Spring Nights at Trader Sam'sOur monthly gathering at Trader Sam’s at the Disneyland Hotel kicked into its next season on March 24th, as we began TPA’s Spring Nights at Sam’s! As usual, there was a tremendous turnout of themed entertainment and haunt industry fans, podcasters, bloggers and designers under the glow of Trader Sam’s Tiki torches.

Being that it was so close to Easter, we naturally had to have a candy giveaway – from Reese’s eggs filled with peanut buttery goodness to the grand prize of a mouth-watering Godiva chocolate bunny! More than 60 enthused guests clamored for the prizes as Theme Park Adventure founder Rick West read off the lucky winning ticket numbers; it was a pretty intense several minutes as sugar-infused prizes were handed out!

With a new season, comes a new TPA Nights at Sam’s logo style, courtesy of our dear friend Tom Thordarson, world-famous Tiki artist and themed entertainment art director! The first 30 people showing up received their free TPA buttons, and they went very quickly! Spring is the third and final iteration of our current TPA Tiki logo, a series that began last year with Summer Nights at Sam’s. It’s absolutely fantastic to see fans showing up wearing buttons from each of the previous seasons of our gatherings!

Many familiar – and new faces were in attendance, which was awesome; we love new TPAers being recruited to come by and hang with the group! Some of the amazing folks from Garner Holt Productions to Sinister Pointe were on hand, as well as a group of ridiculously talented media editors formally of Thinkwell! Also mingling in the group was Rick Polizzi, who served as a producer for many years on The Simpsons; he is also the owner of Boney Island, one of Southern California’s biggest family-friendly home haunts each Halloween! Our friend Paul Barrie of Window to the Magic podcast was also on hand, enjoying the evening and madness with our group!

TPA's Spring Nights at Trader Sam'sAlso in attendance, was David Markland, the owner of Creepy LA, the Southland’s authority on all happenings weird and spooky! David brought fans up to speed on the latest Scare LA convention news, and gave everyone in attendance a sneak peek at the event’s logo in concept production. Scare LA is a Halloween/haunter/fan event coming to Los Angeles this August that Theme Park Adventure is a part of, bringing the haunt community together for a weekend of fun, panels, demonstrations and more! Each month, more information regarding Scare LA is announced to those attending our gathering as we begin the countdown to August! For fans not in attendance that want to be on the Scare LA email list, simply log on to ScareLA.com and stay tuned!

Another group attending the meet was from The Fright Zone, and they made a very cool video during the event and have shared it on YouTube! Be sure to check it out and give them some love! They are awesome TPA fans!

As usual, a huge thank you to the awesome people at Trader Sam’s for hosting our craziness! They are always fantastic, and we appreciate their hospitality when we show up!

Our next meet will take place on Sunday, April 21st at 7:00 P.M. at Trader Sam’s; look for our Facebook fan page to have the details soon! We hope to see you all there next time and continue to invite new friends we haven’t met yet to come along and join in the madness!

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