Sneak Peek of The Labyrinth of Lost Relics

From the creative minds that brought Chambers of the Mausoleum to the Inland Empire in California, is their brand-new attraction for 2012, The Labyrinth of Lost Relics. In this video, hear Chambers/Labyrinth creators James and Tayler Brown discuss on what to expect inside the Labyrinth.

Located within the Coffin Creek Haunted Village in Corona, Relics promises to be one of the hottest new attractions of the 2012 Halloween season. Created by many of the individuals who create world-class audio-animatronic figures for Garner Holt Productions, Labyrinth is expected to deliver huge on special effects and spectacular character design, from advanced robotic monsters to stunning one-of-a-kind talent costumes.

Labyrinth of Lost Relics is the second maze created by the Malformationz group for the Coffin Creek attraction in Corona, just a short drive from the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. The group’s first maze, Chambers of the Mausoleum, has been a huge draw and a must-see haunted attraction in Southern California for several years now, and has been the single biggest draw to Coffin Creek.

James and Tayler Brown work with their talented crew of boys and ghouls year-round planning upgrades to their existing Chambers of the Mausoleum maze, and in the case of this year, have been planning for months for Labyrinth of Lost Relics. What is going to make this new maze stand out is the unique and elaborate effects and robotics that are going to be prominently featured throughout the maze. Admittedly, the team states that Relics will be much shorter than its Mausoleum counterpart; but what it lacks this year in footprint size, will be made up for by dazzling creature effects and state-of-the-art scares!

The team has been working non-stop in the past weeks as the Halloween season rapidly approaches. With temperatures in Southern California hovering around the 100 degrees mark, it’s brutally apparent that Mother Nature has not been cooperating with anyone when it comes to the build season. The Malformationz team simply wipes away the sweat and keeps going – focused on one thing: scaring the living hell out of guests this Halloween!

– Rick West

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3 Responses to Sneak Peek of The Labyrinth of Lost Relics

  1. John Waite says:

    These folks do a tremendous job both at work and scaring everyone at Halloween time with their elaborate scary attractions. I saw Chambers of the Mausoleum at Castle Park a few years ago and it was very well done and very popular. Now that they have their own “horror playground” in Corona, it should be very professional and even more scary. They come from great roots as their boss Garner Holt started in the Haunted House business as a teenager and now owns the largest animation company in the world. A great company and a great group of people dedicated to scaring the heck out of you.

  2. Rick West Rick West says:

    John, you definitely have to get out to Coffin Creek this year and see both of their mazes; Chambers of the Mausoleum and Labyrinth of Lost Relics! You’ll be amazed by what they have done!

  3. Raza says:

    megan – Last night I went to The Maze with a group of friends, we had a great time. I am not one to get feakred out and was laughing most of the time. At one point we went around a corner and I thought what we saw was just a dummy up against the straw. I mean this thing was not moving at all and the way it was hanging looked as if it would be painful. After a minute of looking it over we walked past it. some how after a minute or two we made it back to the spot in The Straw Maze where the scare crow was against the straw. We all started laughing cause we some how turned are self’s around and were lost. The next thing I know is that this thing came running at all of us. All I have to say is we all took off yelling are heads off. By far the scare crow up against the straw is the best thing I saw that night. you guys should put a picture up of it to show people how cool it was. I wish we could have found our way back to take a picture!! This is the best maze ever!! I will come back with more friends just to find the scare crow and take it’s picture, it will be a hunt to find it again!

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