Sinister Pointe’s Spirit Lounge Needs You!

Long-time friends of Theme Park Adventure, the gang at Sinister Pointe have a ghoulish new concept they’re wanting to bring to Southern California: Spirit Lounge. This 21+ bar and lounge takes a Gothic cue from Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction and is packed with spooky, immersive special effects that will thrill and completely entertain!

spiritSpirit Lounge will be a brand new horror bar experience located in downtown Brea, just minutes away from Sinister Pointe, one of Southern California’s only haunted attractions that is operational throughout the year. This incredible new bar venue will be built on the upper level of the vibrant Birch Street Promenade, complete with a stunning 180-degree patio view of the area below, bustling with night life!

Spirit Lounge has been designed in the same manner as the iconic Magic Castle in Los Angeles, with a very definite nod to Disney’s Haunted Mansion attractions as well as the horror genre in general – with an emphasis on spooky fun as opposed to extreme scares or blood and guts (leave that to their haunted attraction, just minutes away).

spirit3Jeff Schiefelbein, owner and creator of Sinister Pointe and Spirit Lounge, has a very definite vision of what this amazing venture will be – a classy, elegant bar and lounge, but also an attraction that will wow tourists and locals alike. One concept that recently created huge buzz when Jeff described it to an excited audience at ScareLA are Ouija Board tables that will randomly move guests’ drinks across their surface! Judging by audience reaction, Spirit Lounge is going to be huge when it’s built and open.

And that is where you come in; the fans, the fanatics and the oh, so thirsty… Spirit Lounge needs funding, and has turned to Indiegogo and fans far and near to help get its creaky doors open! Jeff and his team have less than a month (25 days at this posting) to raise the necessary $50,000 to make this funding effort a success. There are fantastic perks for those who wish to contribute various amounts, from honorable supporter mention on the company’s website, to having your name branded permanently on the wall of the Lounge, to full VIP service for a year! Top-tier donors will also be invited to Spirit Lounge’s Grand Opening gala, which will include celebrities and members of the horror industry elite as well as fantastic food and drink!

spirit2Theme Park Adventure fully supports this effort and knows that Jeff and his team of talented artists can absolutely pull this off – and make this one of the most incredible bar and lounge experiences in the world, no doubt. We have worked with Sinister Pointe for several years and know what they are capable of if given the proper tools; in this case, it is support funding from the horror community – fans, pros, and everyone in between.

Once Spirit Lounge opens, it will become an “official” Theme Park Adventure mixer location, much like our monthly gatherings at Trader Sam’s just down the road in Anaheim! TPA gatherings hosted at Spirit Lounge will be adult-only events, and will feature all the amazing madness and mayhem that make our gatherings so much fun!

Give what you can, share this story, and get the word out loud and strong for the next several weeks; together, we can make Spirit Lounge a reality – after that, it’s all thrills and chills in Brea when the spooky kids all come out to play!


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