Sinister Pointe’s: Beyond the Mirror! A Bloody Mary Tale

Beyond the Mirror! A Bloody Mary TaleFor years, Sinister Pointe Productions has been a major force in the Southern California haunted attraction industry. Owner Jeff Schiefelbein and his team of incredibly talented creatives have taken the art of haunting to new levels, featuring bold and innovative past experiences based on popular franchises such as Saw and Silent Hill. Sinister Pointe is also known for unique, highly-interactive ventures such as Fear, and its extremely over-the-top seasonal adult-themed Not So Very Merry Holiday Haunt. For the 2014 Halloween season, Sinister Pointe presents an all-new exercise in terror: Beyond the Mirror! A Bloody Mary Tale.

Theme Park Adventure discussed this new venture with Sinister Pointe’s Jeff Schiefelbein, as we wanted to learn more details and share some exclusive information with our readers, who are eagerly awaiting their chance to experience Beyond the Mirror! Jeff acknowledges that the theme of Bloody Mary is nothing new to the haunt industry; it has manifested in many attractions around the united states for years, from Trapped at Knott’s Scary Farm, to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, and at smaller haunts everywhere in between. The more Jeff pondered the lore and idea of Bloody Mary, he realized that while most haunted attractions focused on the actual character itself, none of them had really explored the world beyond the mirror – the ghostly, terrifying realm that the vengeful spirit dwells in; that is what he focused on, and that is what Sinister Pointe’s experience will explore in nerve-shattering detail. It’s an exciting revelation, and we agree that it’s a fantastic way to take an existing character and the mythology surrounding it, and making a unique experience faithful to the Sinister Pointe brand.

Something that Sinister Pointe strives for each season is to push boundaries with its guests – while not stepping into the world of being an “extreme haunt”, the team does continue to up the ante and really test peoples’ limits, whether it be putting them in incredibly small, pitch-black spaces, or pushes them to carry out nasty tasks such as putting their hands into containers filled with live insects in order to advance through each room. This year will be no different. Jeff has revealed that Beyond the Mirror! will not feature multiple routes as many Sinister Pointe haunts have in the past, however, once inside, guests will have the opportunity to make different decisions in rooms throughout the experience that absolutely determines varying outcomes of their actions. We also offer up this chilling revelation: at some point in Beyond the Mirror! guests will be separated from one another – left completely and utterly alone to face their worst fears in total solitude!

Other attractions such as Blackout and Alone feature solo experiences that last the duration of each visit. Jeff feels that while those types of haunts certainly are very successful and popular, the nature of their design may deter some people from wanting to experience them for themselves. We completely agree, and think it is actually more frightening to enter an attraction and then be separated for a short time from your group and loved ones, than to go into something that you know you’re doing by yourself from the get-go. Guests entering Beyond the Mirror! may know that they’re going to be alone at some point – but they won’t know when or how that’s coming; and that in itself, is unnerving at best!

Another aspect of Beyond the Mirror! A Bloody Mary Tale that is going to be different for Sinister Pointe is that guests will experience the haunt this year in intimate groups of four at a time; no more, no less. This means big groups of friends will be split up, and couples out for a date night alone will be paired up with two other people to experience the attraction as a small team that will ultimate work together to survive and escape.

Returning again as a member of the creative team is popular haunted attraction sound designer/musical composer Jon Autopsy, who will lend his talent to Sinister Pointe for a fifth year in a row. In creating the soundtrack for Beyond the Mirror!, Jon has been tasked this time around with creating a haunting, complex soundscape rather than a more typical musical soundtrack; it’s a project that Jon’s very enthusiastic about, and he’s hitting it head-on, promising a really incredible audio experience!


Bloody Mary pre-production video effects for Beyond the Mirror! (C) Sinister Pointe Productions

In addition to Sinister Pointe’s completely re-imagined experience this year, the company is in a new location. For the 2014 Halloween Season, Sinister Pointe will be located at the intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Imperial Highway in the city of Fullerton, California – one mile from its former spot, and in a much better place this year! The new location offers a huge parking lot, easy access, and is in walking distance to many food and beverage locations including El Pollo Loco, Carl’s Jr., Molca Salsa, and Starbucks. Additionally, guests visiting Sinister Pointe on Friday nights can also enjoy the “Truck Squad”, offering a wide range of delicious food choices to everyone from 5:30 P.M. to 9 P.M.

Sinister Pointe’s 2014 ticketing system is different than in years past, as well. Due to the nature of Beyond the Mirror! A Bloody Mary Tale, guests have the following admission options to choose from:

Weekday General Admission tickets are $17 and grant guests one trip through the maze. The Weekday Scream Pass will offer front of the line access with one trip through the maze for $23.

Weekend Haunt visitors will be able to enjoy the new Terror Time Ticketing system. As a means to help mitigate weekend crowds, the ticketing system will allow for reserved times into the attraction. Weekend Admission is $20 and the Weekend Scream Pass is $26.

Sinister Pointe will invite guests to venture beyond the mirror Friday, September 26, and will run select nights through Sunday, November 2, 2014.

September 26, 27, 28
October 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17,18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31
November 1, 2

Operating Hours:
Weekdays 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Weekends 7:00pm – 12:00am

New Location
Sinister Pointe’s Beyond the Mirror! A Bloody Mary Tale is located at: 131 Imperial Highway, Fullerton, California 92835.

For tickets and further information, please visit Also follow Sinister Pointe on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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