Shedding Light on “Caine. Who am I?”

sheffield scare mazeHaunted attractions are not just a hot ticket in the United States; we are seeing them pop up around the world, from Asia to the UK As Theme Park Adventure’s fan base continues to grow globally, more and more TPAers are letting us know about projects and local haunts they are involved in, whether at Halloween or any other time during the year; it’s exciting to share these haunted attractions with our readers, bringing the community closer together regardless of physical distance between our countries. One such attraction was recently hosted in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. It was called Caine. Who am I? and brought a strong backstory as well as a thrilling immersive environment, gripping all that dared to venture in!

From the Caine. Who am I? press material:

“The conception of the event started with Matt Wakefield, a director of the National Emergency Services Museum, Sheffield, holding an idea to create a scare attraction inside the 120-year-old building and a group from a local paranormal events team visiting a Halloween attraction in 2013 called Woolley Edge October Screams on the outskirts of Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Cast + Planners.tiff“Adam Otley and Jane Ellis, both members of Seeking Spirit Events (A paranormal group based in Sheffield), were two of the members who visited the attraction, creatively designed by fledgling entertainments company PUP Events, run by Lee Conway and Sarah Wilson. They were so impressed by the production values and story telling aspect of the show that talks immediately took place for the two companies to come together in some way at a later date to produce a show where reality was intertwined with fantasy.

“Adam and Jane, knowing Matt’s interest in adding a scare attraction to the museum’s portfolio, contacted him regarding amalgamating all three parties. Using all their resources, it was agreed to create a premier attraction based on actual chronicled ghosts found inside the building that now holds the museum. Sound, lighting, and technical expert Josh Botham completed the team, and they set about digging through 120 years of history to find the most menacing characters that still roam the halls of one of the country’s first combined emergency services stations. One name kept coming up; a name the paranormal group knew very well: “Caine”.

nesm pic1“At many a seance/vigil by numerous investigating teams, this person had shown himself. A menace and a hater of women, Caine knew how to add deep pressure unto the throat of many that have stepped into the cell in which he was, presumably, left to rot. Little else is known of this character, who likes to cause even now, so much terror to people. The list of other lost, tormented souls that roam the corridors and passages is endless.”

Blurring the line between fiction and fact, the creative team invited the public in, suggesting that perhaps they’d even have the opportunity to answer the question themselves: Caine. Who am I?

The dates of the event were May 9th – 16th, 2014.

Caine… Who am I? Walkthrough 2014 from Tim Platton on Vimeo.


Over 100 years ago, where the National Emergency Service’s museum now stands, was Yorkshire’s first purpose-built combined police, fire, and ambulance station. The Victorian building was used during both wars; in WWII, the building was used for telecommunications, and its cellar used as a secret underground passage to neighboring buildings.

Cathy & Amy Teddy ouy of Focus.tiffFive years ago, while those underground passageways were being restored, a set of untouched rooms and cells were found. Workmen and officials investigated the site, and shortly thereafter, all work ceased due to strange mishaps including electrical accidents, reports of strange sightings during the night, foul odors suddenly emanating through the passageways from the rooms, and frightening sounds piercing the darkness.

The owners of the building decided to bring in an acquaintance, who was an amateur paranormal investigator, to see what her assessment would be of the strange happenings. As she entered the building, she documented an unnatural feeling – and stated that she felt the presence of restless spirits throughout the structure, including a wandering pair of children. Her investigation came to an abrupt end, when she encountered a menacing entity in one of the passages; a look of panic and terror washing over her face. As she collapsed, she reportedly screamed, “WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU? CAINE?”

Once the investigator regained consciousness, she reported feelings of pain, panic and deep-rooted anxiety; an ugly feeling in the pit of her soul that she described as “pure and powerful evil”. Bruise marks were found on her neck, and blood stains were found on her clothing and upper body. Shortly thereafter, the woman stated that she would never go near the building or speak of what transpired within ever again.

TPAers, were any of you in the UK able to experience this attraction? We’d love to hear your thoughts! It’s thrilling to see haunted attractions creeping across the globe; haunters and fans, share your thoughts below and join the discussion!

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