SeaWorld Rose Parade Float Wins Award

SeaWorld Rose Parade floatSeaWorld’s “Sea of Surprises” float won the prestigious President’s Award at the 125th annual Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. This award is presented to the float with the “Most Effective Floral Use and Presentation.”

The 55-foot-long float was a festive tribute to SeaWorld’s 50th celebration kicking off this year, and featured some of the park’s most popular animals. Hundreds of thousands of flowers and natural materials made up the colorful reefs, waves, coral and sea life displayed on the float.   SeaWorld San Diego employees donated time to work alongside float builders and help apply live flowers.

An inspiring new song debuted on the float – SeaWorld’s new theme song “Beneath the Blue.” This song will be heard during special occasions and as part of park background music in the coming year.

Members of SeaWorld’s Animal Care teams proudly rode the float, including national Animal Ambassador Julie Scardina, and two team members from Orlando – Pedro Ramos-Navarrete and Jon Peterson – who will be involved in Orlando’s newest event, Wild Days, starting Jan. 11.

EDITOR’S NOTE: According to many social media posts and messages, most if not all television stations that aired the Rose Parade either severely edited or completely cut footage of SeaWorld’s float. While we understand the controversy surrounding the company these days, we don’t support censorship or corporate politics such as this. We saw the float and the myriad of law enforcement officials that were surrounding it as it made its way down the Rose Parade route in Pasadena, California on New Year’s Day. It definitely was an odd sight – one that we aren’t sure was more damaging to SeaWorld or its opponents who chose to protest the float’s inclusion in the parade. We’re curious to hear what our TPAers think – feel free to sound off below and be heard.

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One Response to SeaWorld Rose Parade Float Wins Award

  1. Tobias says:

    First off, very nice float by SeaWorld. Secondly, a big “Shame, Shame” to all the stations that edited or flat-out cut footage of them. It’s just as bad as CNN constantly bringing up the film or any controversy (While also ignoring any good news from SW) because they have ownership of that documentary.

    All the controversy comes off as rather irritating to me considering the vast majority of those protesting are people who see one film and instantly think they know everything about the subject at hand, and immediately post big rants which are plagued with inccorect information because the documentary they saw was slanted in one direction and left out important facts. They’re just wanting to be in the moment of whatever currently is on the news, and will move on to whatever the next big controversy is. (eg, the Duck Danasy controversy)

    Speaking of which, that Duck Danasty controversy did knock the documentary talk off the general public radar pretty fast. An’ looking at the number of online petition signitures, the general public sure cared a lot more about bringing someone back on that show then wanting SW to release it’s animals. Another telling sign was the orginized protest at SeaWorld Orlando, with a very telling picture of hundreds of cars filing into the park, with a tiny group of maybe 10-20 protesters which were easy to miss in the picture.

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