REVIEW: Scaredown Haunted Attractions 2013


Waynesville, Ohio is a picturesque town north of Cincinnati, but with a paranormal past. It is known as “The Most Haunted City in Ohio” and included in those claims are the stories of “The Devil House”.

IMG_1685Back in the 1830s the heads of the house, “Mama” and “Cletus”, along with their farmhands, brutally murdered their three children and three of their friends. Their daughter, Elizabeth, is thought to be the only one killed within the home, the rest of the children killed in the cornfield on property. Their bodies were all discovered in the basement of the home by authorities some time later.

A young filmmaker by the name of Josh Hasty purchased the property last year with the hopes of turning “The Devil House” into a haunted attraction along with an accompanying walk-through haunted house telling the story of the events that took place in the home.

IMG_1682When I arrived at Scaredown, I was greeted by Josh and was given a tour of The Devil House with a paranormal investigator leading the way. When walking through the threshold of the home, you immediately feel the energy it possess. During my tours throughout the night, I encountered some strange activity, including a door leading to the attic closing and locking by itself, and a ball within Elizabeth’s room rolling completely on its own. Needless to say, the whole experience was quite terrifying and exciting for me. However, since it’s a guided tour and there is no guaranteed paranormal activity (obviously), don’t feel let down if nothing happens. It’s still a fantastic and unique introduction to the story that leads into the second haunted attraction on property, The Hillbilly Workshop.

A barn located next to The Devil House is the location for The Hillbilly Workshop. The maze has been given a soundtrack by a very good friend of Theme Park Adventure’s, Jon Autopsy. His score brilliantly sets the tone of the haunt: dark, sinister, industrial, raw, and unnerving.

Owner Josh Hasty took his own love for horror films (especially the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Rob Zombie’s version of Halloween) and created an intense homage here. You see the farmhands kill their victims, and they chase after you from room to bloody room, telling you that you’re next!

IMG_1670The highlight of the attraction is the finale, where you finally meet Cletus and Mama. You’re trapped in an actual maze with dead ends, all while they are chasing you until you eventually find your way out! The actress portraying Mama is brilliant and terrifying with her revving chainsaw, chasing victim after victim out of the maze!

Scaredown is a fantastic addition to the Ohio haunt scene, and it certainly is one of the most unique haunts I’ve attended. The passion of Josh and his wonderful crew is seen in every detail, and I cannot wait to see what horrifying things they have up their sleeve for next year!

Did you visit Scaredown 2013? What are YOUR thoughts? Sound off below!

– Jon Yslas

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