Rotten Apple 907 Home Haunt Needs Community Support

It’s been a really rough year for the team behind Rotten Apple 907, one of Southern California’s greatest home haunts. Located in Burbank, the team – led by Diane and Preston Meyer – has been a staple of the haunt community since 2003. Recently, the team encountered a nasty setback from Mother Nature in the form of a flood, which wiped out a lot of their materials where they were being stored on a property in Acton, California.

Props, walls, and other components necessary for their annual haunt were either destroyed, washed away, or covered with filthy debris and mud. To add insult to injury, while the Meyers were waiting for the water to recede enough to try and salvage their stuff, a bee colony moved in and made themselves a hive, which also had to be taken care of.

To say that 2017 has been a rough one for Rotten Apple 907 and its team is an understatement. These are good people who create a tremendous attraction – with a new theme – each and every year, with all of their proceeds going to local charities. Since 2003, Rotten Apple 907 has donated thousands of dollars to people in need. And, as luck would have it, now they are the ones in need.

If you attended Midsummer Scream this year, you likely saw the incredible entry portal to our Hall of Shadows area. Diane and Preston helped tirelessly with the creation of that through the CalHauntS group, hosting meetings/work days and storage for the massive cemetery pieces and scenic props that were created for our show. The Meyers are incredibly giving of their time and dedication; to see such a string of negative events happen to them really bums us out. That is why we’ve opted to share this information with our readers; this is something we typically don’t do except for rare occasions when we feel it is absolutely mission critical for the haunt community to rally and intervene in a situation for the betterment of fans and haunters throughout the Southland.

A Rotten Apple 907 GoFundMe fundraiser page has been set up by fellow haunter (and amazing person) Lydia Rella. The ask is for $5,000. Without much publicity, folks have already donated more than $1,500 – as of the publishing of this article; check the link to see where the fundraiser is currently. The outpouring of love is inspiring and humbling, I am sure – but there is still a ways to go to ensure that Rotten Apple and its team are back on their feet completely and ready to rock and roll this Halloween season.

Rotten Apple 907’s destroyed storage space – a watery, muddy mess after a flash flood.

If you cannot help financially, we totally understand; not everyone can. What we do ask, is that you at least take the time and make the effort to share this story’s link with everyone on social media – your Facebook page, Twitter stream, etc. If everyone reading this can post the story link to at least one of their social media platforms, that would be a tremendous help for this cause.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the haunt community will come to the aid of Rotten Apple 907. And the love is a hell of a thing to see in motion. Love is all we have for Diane, Preston, and the gang – and it is our honor to help get this particular fundraiser noticed and taken care of, so they can continue taking care of their fans and others in need this year.

Theme Park Adventure and Midsummer Scream wish the Rotten Apple 907 team all the best and a ton of love. We anticipate their triumphant return next month and cannot wait to see what they have in store for Halloween 2017!

  • Rick West

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