REVIEW: Sinister Pointe Not So Merry Holiday Haunt 2013


SINISTER_HOLIDAY_2013_7599As songs of good will and tidings of peace fill the air, the smell of warm cookies wafts from kitchen windows, and children dream of red-nosed reindeer and Santa Claus bearing gifts, Sinister Pointe in Brea, California, offers up something a little different than that with its annual Not So Merry Holiday Haunt. Geared for adults – and only adults – this event is a shockingly naughty Christmas romp with a strange and spooky assortment of evil elves, backwoods decorating, and a really jolly man in a red suit! It’s completely over the top, not for the prude or easily offended, and definitely something that no other haunt in California delivers during the holiday season!

Sinister Pointe is Southern California’s only haunt that operates occasionally during seasons other than Halloween. While the attraction has been home to different events and various weekend gatherings, it is the Not So Merry Holiday Haunt that has fans buzzing throughout Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area this time of year. The seasonal event is crude, lewd, and very impressively even offers new scenes and horrifying new puzzles that people must solve to move through the haunt.

SINISTER_HOLIDAY_2013_7641In addition to new scenes – which are very cool, by the way – Sinister Pointe’s Not So Merry Holiday Haunt features a cast of hot mess Christmas characters that are perverted, spooky, definitely twisted and absolutely not afraid to engage guests in ways that would normally spawn a litany of complaints from offended patrons. When you walk into an attraction only to immediately find a terrifying-looking Santa in a dirty suit sprawled across a chair with a bottle of booze in one hand and his other hand massaging his sack – not the one with toys – you know it’s about to get real!

And guests love it! Perhaps it’s the pent-up angst of living in Orange County that some let go, or maybe it’s simply because people seeking out a haunted house attraction days before Christmas want to be molested underneath mistletoe – whatever the reason, people are coming from all over Southern California to experience an R-rated holiday attraction! Even while waiting in line, guests are taunted by Christmas-themed monsters and characters, from zombie elves to a fantastic scary Grinch that would fluster and tongue tie even Dr. Seuss!

SINISTER_HOLIDAY_2013_7617Sinister Pointe is a large-scale world class haunted attraction owned and operated by long-time TPA partner Jeff Schiefelbein. He works year-round on Sinister Pointe as well as other haunts across the nation which in the past, have included the Winchester Mystery House and The Queen Mary, as well as IP-driven haunts such as Saw and Silent Hill. The experience and technical know-how that Jeff puts into each project is nothing short of fantastic; we are truly lucky to have such a haunt right here in our own back yards! 

Sinister Pointe’s Not So Merry Holiday Haunt also features original soundtracks by our good friend Jon Autopsy, which adds yet another awesome layer to this demented Christmas event. Jon has an on-going professional relationship with Jeff, and continues to provide dark, raw soundscapes to each haunted attraction he is affiliated with!

SINISTER_HOLIDAY_2013_7634Theme Park Adventure didn’t shoot any video this year, but if you haven’t watched our 2012 video of Sinister Pointe’s Not So Merry Holiday Haunt, you need to do so right now! Again, it’s not office or kid-appropriate so view at your own discretion, preferably with headphones on!

If you missed this heinous Holiday Haunt last weekend, fear not! The sticky doors (don’t worry – it’s just… eggnog) of Sinister Pointe creak open again for two more nights of adults-only fun and fright Friday December 20th and Saturday, December 21st from 7 p.m. until 12 a.m. Please check the official Sinister Pointe website for directions and ticketing information.

TPA loves this crew, and this event is absolutely outrageous fun! It’s not for the whole family – can’t reiterate that enough – so leave the kids at home, and get out to Sinister Pointe this weekend and support their effort! You’ll have a blast, you’ll end up uncomfortably aroused, and you’ll never feel the same about Christmas ever again!

Have you experienced Sinister Pointe’s Not So Merry Christmas? What do you think of the event? Share your thoughts below and discuss this holiday tradition with other TPAers!

Crappy Holidays!

– Rick West


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