REVIEW: The Labyrinth of Lost Relics 2012

The crew behind the very successful Chambers of the Mausoleum took on quite an ambitious project for the 2012 Halloween season at their Coffin Creek location in Corona, California. The name of their second endeavor is Labyrinth of Lost Relics, and is a cross between haunt maze and some sort of fantasy/Dungeons & Dragons theme!

The Labyrinth of Lost Relics Haunted AttractionLabyrinth of Lost Relics takes guests on a mystical journey through a magic portal found in a strange curios shop, to a world of strange and frightening creatures as they work together to find a way home. Not only is this a very different type of haunt than a traditional bloody maze, the technology proposed for Labyrinth is fairly mind-blowing.

The group that created Labyrinth of Lost Relics is comprised of very creative, mechanically inclined individuals; tech such as show controls and buildings animatronics figures is second nature to many of them, as that’s what their day jobs are, working for Garner Holt Productions in San Bernardino, California. To say this team has a leg up on their competition is a massive understatement, and they aren’t afraid to use it! That said, this team is made up of vastly talented, totally down to earth and humble folks, and we adore them!

So here’s the deal, and we’re gonna be honest; Labyrinth of Lost Relics opened probably a season too soon, as most of it was not done to the satisfaction or planning of the team. While most guests didn’t have a clue what to expect, we knew that James Brown and his team from Malformationz really bit off a lot, and were spread too thin in the months leading up to the opening of Coffin Creek for the 2012 season. This team worked their asses off and were under tremendous pressure to not only build Labyrinth from scratch, but to maintain and upgrade Chambers of the Mausoleum as well for the upcoming season. There was simply too much to do, and in the end, the team damn near killed themselves getting both attractions ready and open.

What was completed in time for Labyrinth, people really liked. The only indication that the maze wasn’t complete to the team’s satisfaction was that it was a relatively short experience; something that will be different once more show and puzzle-type elements are in place for the 2013 season. There is no doubt in my mind that this year’s Labyrinth of Lost Relics experience is going to be phenomenal and much improved over what we saw in 2012.

The Labyrinth Of Lost Relics Haunted Attraction

That’s not to say that the 2012 debut of Labyrinth of Lost Relics was bad; it wasn’t. Like I said, this maze is really innovative and very different from any other haunt we encountered last year. The crowd reactions were very positive, and while some folks were really into what was going on, and visibly impressed by the tech at hand within the maze experience, most people were happy with the fact that it was dark, disorienting, and that there were monsters lurking about!

The crew making up the Labyrinth of Lost Relics team come from Chambers of the Mausoleum for the most part, which means that most of them are seasoned haunters. The custom costumes and creatures we encountered were world-class; something people will be seeing even more of in 2013.

Audio remains a challenge for this team, just as it was discussed in our 2012 review of Chambers of the Mausoleum. However, they are more than aware of what they need to work on, and so Theme Park Adventure has no doubt that eventually, Labyrinth of Lost Relics as well as Chambers will have new sound systems and incredible scores backing up what are truly exceptional visuals and maze experiences.

The Labyrinth of Lost Relics Haunted AttractionUnlike Chambers of the Mausoleum, Labyrinth of Lost Relics is located at the extreme far end of Coffin Creek, within the Dark Shadow Marketplace. This is a long hike from the entrance or Chambers, so we definitely encourage readers to drive to the parking lot just outside the Marketplace; you’ll save time and not have to walk a zillion miles.

Since this is a newer addition to the whole Coffin Creek attraction, the line for Labyrinth of Lost Relics does not yet get as large as the one for Chambers of the Mausoleum. That will change however, and so we encourage you to visit early in the evening, early in the month or simply be aware that you will be waiting a while to go in. The wait however, is going to be worth it – this is one crazy experience that is so ambitious that it’s really, in a class of its own almost; a limbo between haunted house and theme park attraction. It’s strange, huge in scope and utterly wonderful.

If any haunt crew can pull something like this off, it’s the Garner Holt peeps and their team; after all, this type of thing is what they do and no one does it better. TPA is extremely excited by Labyrinth of Lost Relics and we are feeling confident that 2013 will be huge for them and Halloween fans alike. Both Labyrinth and Chambers should be on everyone’s MUST SEE list for Halloween 2013; if you happened to see Labyrinth of Lost Relics last season, I’d consider it a “sneak preview” of this maze’s full potential. This year, it’s gonna be pure badass!

– Rick West

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