Rare Kiwi Bird Hatches at San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Kiwi ChickAfter undergoing a 78-day incubation, one of the longest of all birds, a rare kiwi chick hatched last week at the San Diego Zoo’s Avian Propagation Center. Animal care staff made the decision to intervene with the hatching of this newest chick when it didn’t proceed as it should.

Unlike most birds, it is the father kiwi that incubates the enormous egg. The female is nearby and will sometimes lay a second egg a few weeks later. When hatching, a kiwi chick typically pokes a ring at the top of the egg with its beak, allowing it to emerge from the top of the egg. This chick accidentally poked its legs through the bottom of the egg, making it difficult to emerge. Staff monitoring the chick carefully taped the bottom of the egg to give the chick the opportunity to hatch on its own, but after the chick was still unsuccessful, keepers peeled back part of the shell to assist with the hatching.

Animal care staff will continue to monitor the chick, measuring its weight and observing the young bird in a brooder over the next few weeks.

“Kiwis are very unusual. When they hatch, they just sleep for several days,” said Dave Rimlinger, curator of birds for the San Diego Zoo. “They don’t eat, we don’t feed them, and the reason is they have a lot of the yolk still inside their body and they absorb that for several days. We will just monitor the chick to make sure the temperature and humidity is right (in the brooder) and in several days we will start feeding the chick.”

This is the first kiwi hatch at the San Diego Zoo in 10 years, making this hatch extremely significant. The San Diego Zoo is one of just six zoos in the United States working with these endangered birds. Currently, there are four brown kiwis at the Zoo, all living in off-exhibit areas.

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  1. anthony gonzales says:

    when you guys posting the haunting of corona video?

  2. Rick West Rick West says:

    Random place for this question; however, here’s the answer – our aim is to have everything up by the end of December. We made 39 stops in October, and Haunting of Corona was one of them in the middle of it all. Currently, we are rendering the rest of the Knott’s Scary Farm videos and editing hundreds of images to wrap up our 2014 coverage of that event next. Like all of the big attractions, that is going to be a HUGE chunk of the material off of our plates. The rest of the haunts will come in the order that we visited them, most likely, which is why we are finishing Knott’s now; it was next in line.

    Johanna and I just returned from an 11-day working trip to Orlando, and then Thanksgiving came. That, combined with real work (TPA isn’t our day job) means that the Halloween material editing takes a back seat to life and while we are absolutely working on it here in the background, it doesn’t take priority over real work or our lives.

    That said, we LOVED Haunting of Corona, and cannot wait to share that tremendous home haunt with everyone so that it’s on more and more peoples’ radars for the Halloween 2015 season!

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