PortAventura and Filmax Sign a Partnership Agreement

[REC] 3 Genesis Comes to PortAdventura

· The agreement allows the theme park to recreate the universe of the movie [REC]3 GENESIS during the whole Halloween season

· Thanks to it, the saga [REC] will cross over, for the very first time, the film screen allowing the visitors to live by themselves the terrifying experiences from the film

· The sign of this agreement is the first step for future collaborations between both companies

Vila-Seca – Salou, September 27th, 2012. – PortAventura and Filmax have signed a partnership agreement to recreate scenes from the horror movie [REC]3 GENESIS in one stretch of “La Selva del Miedo” (Jungle of Fear), the popular and Halloween seasonal attraction of the vacation resort.

The signature of this agreement between PortAventura and Filmax sets the beginning of a relation between both companies with the aim of continuing with future collaborations, taking into account the great public affinity that both of them have during the Halloween season.

This outdoor horror passage will dedicate the fourth part of its route to [REC]3 GENESIS, and it’ll be placed in the surrounding area and inside of the Sea Odissey attraction, in the Polynesia area.

[REC] 3 Genesis Comes to PortAdventura[REC] is one of the most stunning horror sagas of contemporary cinema, one of the most demanded titles by this genre’s fans, both national and international, and the only Spanish franchise whose success has crossed borders. The three films that are already released have been sold all over the world, and all together have achieved an amount of €120 million, taking into account every operating window. [REC]4 Apocalipsis, which will be directed by Jaume Balagueró solo, will put an end to a horror saga that has already become a classic

Julio Fernández, Producer of the saga and Filmax’ President, thinks that “this partnership is a milestone in our company’s history. Two big entertainment companies are working together. We hope this Halloween season to be very successful, so we can keep on working together for several more years”.

After 13 years of uninterrupted success, Halloween has become one of the most expected dates for PortAventura’s public. Every year, more than half million people visit the park in this period of the year to enjoy the more than 100 performances of the themed shows and the horror passages. In Halloween, the resort becomes a huge “fear park” for every kind of public, from families with children, to group of friends looking for excitement. This year, Halloween will take place in PortAventura from September 29th to November 11th.

For the last few years, La Selva del Miedo (The Jungle of Fear) has become the most expected attraction by Halloween visitors, because it’s a unique product in Europe. More than 50 actors participate in this huge horror passage placed in the Polynesia area. It has every ingredient to become a great film stage: artificial fog, gloomy sounds, leafy vegetation and, of course, terrifying monsters, psychopaths and beings from the beyond.

“This agreement allows the creation of a very interesting synergy with a film saga of well-known international prestige. This project contributes with new incentives to the “Selva del Miedo”, the star product of PortAventura’s Halloween. Visitors, and specially [REC]’s fans, would be able to become main characters of this experience and to immerse themselves in the film atmosphere”, explains Fernando Aldecoa, PortAventura’s General Manager.

Other novelties of Halloween 2012

Another novelty of Halloween 2012 is the creation of a new horror passage, “La Maldición del Fuego” (The Fire’s Curse), placed at the entry of the Templo del Fuego whose plot tells the story of a Mayan curse. Besides, the park will have 4 brand new shows: “Mystery Resurrection”, “Bandarra Street Orkestra” and “SésamoAventura Especial Halloween”.

In addition, as every year, PortAventura gets dressed with its most frightened clothes, and its popular characters will assure the fun in every spot of the park by performing moving shows all over the resort. Visitors could enjoy La Selva del Miedo (The Jungle’s Fear) every weekend from September 29th to November 11th. But, of course, only when night falls…

Press Release from PortAdventura 

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