Perdition Home Haunt 2013

One of the things that I have said numerous time in the past couple years is how sophisticated and professional home haunts are becoming each passing season. Whether a crazy extravagant tech fest, a highly-detailed yard scene, or an honest to god maze, Theme Park Adventure has seen the art of home haunting improve and mature so greatly in just the past few years that it’s really exciting to see what comes next! One of our favorite home haunts is Perdition Home, located in Yorba Linda, California. This group of haunters constructs a full-scale maze in their driveway each Halloween, and it is nothing but badass!

It’s one thing for home haunts to feature tombstones and strobe lights in their front yards. It’s another thing entirely when a group of Halloween fans such as the Perdition Home team cranks out a full-blown maze for guests to venture through each year in the driveway of their residence. Last year, TPA visited this home haunt for the first time; if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s what we thought of Perdition Home 2012. This year, we knew that the guys had built their maze bigger and better than ever before, and we are well aware now of the quality and energy of their haunt, so we were really excited as we turned down their street in Orange County, curious to see what they had in store for 2013! Perdition Home is the on-going name of this particular haunt, although the team does adopt a “sub title” each year (or at least the past two years), which can be confusing. In 2013, Perdition Home carried the sub name of Desolation Field. That said, to avoid any confusion, we’ll simply refer to this home haunt as Perdition and leave the devil in details out of it.

PERIDITON_HOME_2013_5055Perdition Home featured a new facade this year; a barn, promising a bizarre mix of slaughter and most likely, redneck terror within. The haunt had a line of guests waiting to check it out when we arrived; testament to locals being supportive and enthusiastic about the annual tradition! The crew was stoked about our arrival as well; they’re awesome TPAers and know that we appreciate their effort and love what they do. We were all pumped and ready to get to it, and show fans everywhere one of SoCal’s coolest and most mind-blowing home haunts/mazes!

As usual, the scene and art direction of Perdition Home didn’t fail to impress; in fact, when we came upon another entire facade smack in the middle of this year’s maze, it was a genuine “wow” moment for us – the team truly went way up and beyond this season, upping the quality and intensity of their spooky craft considerably. Not only was there a secondary facade inside Perdition Home, it was the gateway to a whole new series of scenes and rooms, complete with staircase and furniture! Last year, TPA was impressed by the detail within the few rooms/scenes that Perdition featured; this year was no different, and we were blown away by the amount added in such a relatively small footprint location; really inspiring and awesome.

PERIDITON_HOME_2013_5081Perdition Home is a heavy gore maze; there are definitely pop-out scares and in-your-face experiences along the way, and everywhere in between, buckets-o-blood splattered on everything! The props in this haunt are gross and extremely graphic, so it’s likely not a great maze to take small children through; leave them at home or outside, where they may get a chance to interact a bit with the haunt’s monsters, who do come out from time to time and menace those waiting in line!

The team is made up of friends and family, and they are all really into haunting. Some of the talent are face characters and do a good job interacting with guests, and others wear masks. They are all really enthusiastic and proud of their haunt, as they should be. The soundtrack used throughout the maze is really fitting, and adds a whole other layer of dread and anticipation to the experience. These guys know what they’re doing, and I’ve got no doubt that they have a bright haunt future ahead of them! We can’t wait to see what comes next!

We are assuming that Perdition Home will be returning for a 2014 season; they’ve been haunting since 2008, and as they grow, there is mostly support from the neighbors. Hopefully, that continues, because this is one haunt that is definitely a must-see and should be on everyone’s bucket list each season! Kudos to the entire team on another year extremely well done – we love it!

Did you get a chance to check out Perdition Home 2013? If so, what did you think? We’d love to hear from other TPAers as we continue our discussion of this serious home haunt below!

– Rick West

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  1. jon says:

    My buddy Brandon runs this maze every year. He is very dedicated and has been an awesome graphic artist since I met him in high school. I was unable to check out the maze due to the huge lines but judging from the pictures it completely rocked. Congratulations on a successful scare fest

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