Kung Fu Panda Characters and More Part of Lunar New Year Celebration 2017 at Universal Studios Hollywood

Kung Fu Panda and more at Lunar New Year 2017, Universal Studios HollywoodDespite a fairly cold and wet weekend here in Los Angeles, Universal Studios Hollywood kicked off its Lunar New Year 2017 celebration, to the delight of thousands of guests. On Saturday, Mother Nature gave us a decent break in the rain, so we made our way up the hill to Universal to check out the park’s decorations and Lunar New Year festivities, which are held in Universal Plaza on the Upper Lot.

As in years past, the physical footprint for Universal Studios Hollywood’s Lunar New Year event isn’t terribly large. There is, however, a lot of content crammed into Universal Plaza, including multiple character meet-and-greet locations, tasty treats for sale, and several spots throughout the space where guests of all ages can fill out red message cards and attach them to Chinese Wishing Trees. We watched as many visitors filled out red cards and attached them to the trees – some were sincere, while others were often humorous, including one that merely said, “Muggle Lives Matter”.

One of the biggest draws this year at Universal’s Lunar New Year celebration, are the characters from Kung Fu Panda, Po and Tigress. Available for photos along with Curious George, Woody Woodpecker, and a Mandarin-speaking Megatron, the lovable panda, Po, and the mysterious Tigress were by far, the most popular characters, with a fairly sizable queue filled with guests excited to have their photos snapped with one or both of the newest residents at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Kung Fu Panda and more at Lunar New Year 2017, Universal Studios Hollywood

While Po and Tigress certainly took the spotlight this year, fans certainly flocked to see and hear Mandarin-speaking Megatron, which has been a huge hit with guests during the Lunar New Year event since Universal introduced this offering several years ago, following the opening of Transformers: The Ride. Having the chance to interact with Megatron in Mandarin is a thrilling and often humorous experience for Chinese guests (and those who speak the language) and very entertaining to witness for the rest of us!

There are treats to be had at Lunar New Year, although they are a bit on the pricey side. Themed snacks include Lunar New Year pastries and giant chocolate-dipped fortune cookies. We didn’t partake in any of those snacks, but there was a steady stream of guests that definitely were, so that looks as though it’s successful as well for Universal.

Kung Fu Panda and more at Lunar New Year 2017, Universal Studios Hollywood

As mentioned in our Lunar New Year 2017 preview story, whenever the weather doesn’t cooperate with this celebration (like most of this weekend), the major components of the event are moved into The Globe Theatre. So if your day at Universal Studios Hollywood becomes a soggy one, don’t forget to visit the event in its alternate location, inside The Globe Theatre across from the Despicable Me attraction on the Upper Lot.

Kudos once again to Universal Studios Hollywood for putting together a really cool, heartfelt event. It’s something we enjoy each year, and it fits in perfectly with any visit to Universal. To really experience Lunar New Year, plan spend an hour or so taking photos with characters, filling out cards for a Wishing Tree and taking in the celebration.

For more information and ticketing, visit Universal Studios Hollywood online. Happy Year of the Rooster, everyone!

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