Knott’s Scary Farm Interview With Craig Harreld 2013

We couldn’t let Halloween come without a treat to pass out to all of you marvelous tricksters and tender lumplings! As we celebrate all things spooky and fun today, Theme Park Adventure brings you this exclusive interview from Ghost Town at Knott’s Scary Farm, featuring Halloween Haunt legend Craig Harreld!

As Knott’s Scary Farm gets bigger and better each season, most of the media focus is on the event’s mazes, design team and industry influence. However, I want to put the brakes on and take a moment to acknowledge not merely a personal friend of ours, but someone who is part of the Halloween Haunt story, and is a cornerstone of the event’s success and evolutionary tale.

Craig Harreld is now celebrating his 31st Haunt at Knott’s. Today, he is an Area Manager of Park Shows at Knott’s Berry Farm year-round, but back in the day, he started as one of the early Ghost Town monsters, first hiding in one of the peek-ins and then was unleashed onto the streets of Calico, where he went on to scare countless Haunt visitors and helped define the art of sliding.

IMG_2339Over the next three decades, Craig would go on to become supervisor, mentor and most importantly, friend to many Halloween Haunt employees, especially street monsters – a wild and woolly bunch that have raised all sorts of hell throughout the years; some of my own favorite moments as a fan witnessing at the Scary Farm. Craig has shared in everyone’s laughter, enjoyed the event’s success, and has wept openly along side of the Haunt family in times of devastating loss. He is Halloween Haunt, and while most guests pass him by as they roam through the fog of Ghost Town without the slightest clue of his significance, Theme Park Adventure wanted to spend a few minutes talking with Craig so that we could then share his words with each of you as part of our Halloween 2013 offerings.

Without legends like Craig, Knott’s Scary Farm would not be the event it is today. As we get wrapped up in the exciting new chapters of the Haunt tale each season, it is important that we remember its origins and celebrate with respect and sincere love the amazing people that were there back in the day, and that still walk among us in the shadows and fog that creep across the Scary Farm each night during the event.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

– Rick West


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