Knott’s Scary Farm 2014 Opening Night

Knott's Scary Farm First Night 2014Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park, California, officially welcomed its first guests of the Halloween season on Thursday night, September 25th. One of the most beloved and highly-anticipated major theme park Halloween events in the world, Knott’s Scary Farm promised a season more intense and innovative than ever before with the introduction of new mazes, and interactive zombie shoot-em-up experience, and a maze featuring multiple paths that would give guests an option to choose their own destiny. Wrapped up with a really slick marketing campaign, Knott’s made it clear that it’s stepping things up, and ready to haunt the hell out of Southern California!

As part of a large media contingent, Theme Park Adventure was on hand, marking the 20th year that we have covered Halloween Haunt at Knott’s; a milestone and partnership that we are very proud of. Regardless of how many years we’ve attended Knott’s Scary Farm, each season is very different, and so, while our approach to covering Haunt is similar from year to year, make no mistake – each Halloween presents new and challenging logistics that dictate how we shoot the event and share it with all of our TPAers around the world. It’s a challenge we enthusiastically accept, and look forward to bringing it all your way in the weeks to come!

Knott's Scary Farm First Night 2014Our opening night activities were a bit different this year, in that we went straight to the front of the park for the kick-off ceremony of the season. This bypassed our usual visit to Warehouse P, as well as our shooting of the season’s first “chain drop” moment. However, we were in for a treat at the front of the park, where The Green Witch and her Tricksters taunted and entertained all of us. As the park opened and fog billowed, the witch and her minion were interrupted by the arrival of United States military forces, including a real helicopter, which hovered over the entrance of the park! The troops secured the area and we were told that there’s been a major outbreak and that they need everyone to enlist, suit up, and help take out the undead! A tremendous introduction to the Scary Farm’s newest large-scale attraction, Special Ops: Infected!

And with that, the night was underway! In the hours to come, we checked out the new mazes and attractions, made some initial observations, watched monsters of all types roam and haunt guests as they walked through the fog, and took in all that is Halloween Haunt 2014!

Knott's Scary Farm First Night 2014Initial thoughts to whet your appetite for TPA Haunt reviews to come… We already know what our favorite new addition to Scary Farm is, we have some very interesting feelings regarding another, and are intrigued by the logistical scale and challenges presented by turning an entire section of the park into a single experience! And yes, we went through Trapped: Lock & Key, and will share our opinion of that extreme maze too very soon!

As usual, the men and women that make up the ghouls and monsters of Knott’s Scary Farm were ready to go and absolutely got their scare on throughout the night, from the darkened halls of each of the park’s mazes, to the fog-choked scare zones. We enjoyed witnessing their antics, tactics and of course, seeing old friends that have once again, crawled out of their crypts to roam the park for the Halloween season! Knott’s started their event run with a new type of street monster shift rotation that we definitely noticed as well; yet another facet of Haunt 2014 that we will get into in great detail in the weeks to come.

Is this a good year at Knott’s? The answer is a resounding YES! Should you be heading to Buena Park if you haven’t already? Again, the answer is a most definite YES! Is a Knott’s Scary Farm Season Pass a great investment this year? YES! Is everything about Halloween Haunt 2014 perfect? No. We look forward to getting into the thick of things for you very soon, and know that you’ll be coming along for the ride! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our first night pictures, as well as our video, which showcases many of the highlights of the granddaddy of all Halloween events – Knott’s Scary Farm 2014!

Editor’s Note: The video and images from Knott’s Scary Farm 2014 opening night contain spoilers. If you plan on attending the event and don’t want any idea of what’s lurking in the fog ahead – we recommend you bookmark this page and return to check out the rest after you’ve visited Halloween Haunt.

Knott's Scary Farm 2014 First NightThis year will see change in how we roll out our Halloween Haunt coverage from Knott’s; it will vary from years past in an effort to get you the information you crave more quickly, while preserving the detail and integrity with which we review all aspects of this particular event. After this first night recap, we will roll out reviews, images, and video of the Scary Farm’s three new attractions very quickly; Special Ops: Infected, Voodoo, and The Tooth Fairy. Following those new attractions, Theme Park Adventure will proceed to review all of the other offerings at Knott’s Scary Farm in one large feature that will be all-encompassing, the same as we’re reviewing other theme park haunts this season. The reviews will include their own photo galleries and videos, just as they always have. In an effort to expedite the information to you all, we’re simply combining the content to serve it up in large chunks, rather than piecemeal.

Knott’s Scary Farm is very strong this year, and we applaud everyone involved – we had a blast, and truly appreciate the hospitality of our hosts from the park. From upper management to the Haunt design team and Marketing personnel – everyone was completely gracious, and we had a fantastic night exploring Ghost Town, the bayous of New Orleans, a sinister Boardwalk, and a Dia de los Muertos celebration filled with sugar skulls and dance! The Halloween Haunt is on… at Knott’s!


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