House of Shock Resurrected and Open in New Orleans!

House of ShockThe New Orleans-based House of Shock Haunted House and Halloween Festival is back for its 23rd installment, presenting The Resurrection. Originally set to close the doors after the 2014 season, The House of Shock has been given new life thanks to a spirited response from the local community. The House of Shock is open through Halloween night.

For 2015, The House of Shock presents The Resurrection brings two new terror-inducing events to New Orleans. The Bordello of Freaks is an all new attraction in the style of old carny freak exhibitions with a House of Shock twist. Laff in the Dark is an all-out 3D clown assault: a nod to old school fun houses, specifically the Pontchartrain Beach Fun House of the same name. Clown-a-phobics beware, as Laff in the Dark has more scares per square foot than any other event of its kind. Additionally, The House of Shock’s main attraction has been carefully renovated to create a whole new experience that still holds true to the classics that made it unique. This may be best represented by the immense, brand new entrance constructed to pay homage to the infamous LeBeau Mansion – the Arabi plantation home that burnt down in 2013.

“We’re beyond excited about The Resurrection, as there was strong chance that the House of Shock was dead for good. The love and support we received from the community is both humbling and inspiring,” notes Co-Founder Ross Karpelman. “We can’t wait for New Orleans to experience The Resurrection; we’re going big. Fans should prep themselves for major coronary failures!”

In addition to the new Bordello of Freaks and Laff in the Dark, some old fan-favorites have received extreme makeovers. The pyrotechnics show will be back with more firepower, live actors and stunts than ever. The updated stage production will take place twice a night, at approximately 7:45 p.m. and 10:15 p.m. The outdoor Halloween festival offers live music every night with a full service bar and an extensive menu of concessions available at Hell’s Kitchen.

Over 350 volunteers are geared up for the 23rd season. Ashley Fallon-Shenton, House of Shock Production Manager, notes that “not only is this a staple for the New Orleans community, it’s also a home for the volunteers and actors. We are proud to foster an environment for people from all different backgrounds to come together and express their artistic talents and alter egos.”

The House of Shock has always been proud to fashion itself and its storylines based on New Orleans’ own rich history of the macabre. The Resurrection will continue this tradition and move the storylines forward. Logistical information can be found below, as well online at

The House of Shock was founded in 1993 by Ross Karpelman, Jay Gracianette, Steven Joseph and friends in 1993. A discussion between these lifelong friends about what Halloween meant to them as children rekindled their desire to recreate that feeling as adults while sharing that feeling with the youth of today. Since then, it has grown into a leader and trendsetter in the haunted attraction industry. The House of Shock boasts a 25,000-square-foot haunted house attraction comprised of three all new events – The House of Shock Haunted House, The Bordello of Freaks and Laff in the Dark. The House of Shock consists of over 350 volunteers that add their own brand of fright to the night. The haunted experience also includes a full service bar, live music and a horror show.

For 2015, patrons will enjoy The House of Shock presents The Resurrection, as a result of overwhelming support from the New Orleans community when the House was scheduled to permanently close after the 2014 season. Over the past two decades, The House of Shock has enjoyed national and international exposure through publications such as Rolling Stone, Maxim and Playboy and was named Haunted Attraction Magazine’s “Number One Haunted House in the Country” in 2014 and The Travel Channel’s “Most Intense Haunted Attraction” in 2007.

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