Hong Kong Disneyland to Celebrate 10th Anniversary with new Stage Production, new Characters

Hong Kong Disneyland 10th Anniversary Logo2015 marks the 10th anniversary at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Over the years, the resort has brought joy and fond memories to millions of guests through an array of diverse entertainment and shows. By leveraging increased venue scalability and flexibility and a growing library of popular Disney stories, Hong Kong Disneyland will provide new entertainment and shows that bring interactive and immersive guest experiences to a new level.

The Golden Mickeys, a Fan Favorite

The Golden Mickeys is the most popular show in Hong Kong Disneyland, and is celebrated for being the longest-running Broadway-style show in Hong Kong. Through more than 19,000 performances, the show has created unforgettable memories for over 16 million guests from around the world since the opening of the resort. The show’s line-up includes seven classic beloved Disney stories: Toy Story, Mulan, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, Lilo & Stitch, Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Moving forward, Hong Kong Disneyland will bid a fond farewell to The Golden Mickeys, though the show will remain in everyone’s heart as new shows and entertainment are developed.

Hong Kong Disneyland Golden Mickeys

Synergy of Beloved Disney Stories and Entertainment

Hong Kong Disneyland will continue to bring beloved Disney stories to life in the park. In this magical land of imagination, the entertainment and shows are key components in creating immersive experiences for guests. Disney stories are transformed into reality, allowing guests to experience firsthand creations of fantasy, such as the recently established Frozen Village and the upcoming summer experiences for Inside Out.

David Lightbody, Director of Entertainment and Costuming at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, says, “As the heart and soul of a theme park, Disney’s entertainment and shows have played an integral role in creating fond memories for guests at Hong Kong Disneyland in the past 10 years. We are committed to bringing more Disney stories to life and creating more excitement and appeal through a variety of new entertainment and shows for our guests for decades to come.”

To celebrate Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th anniversary, a new stage show called Mickey and the Wondrous Book will be launched in Disney’s Storybook Theater in November 2015, offering an all-new experience of Disney stories, including Frozen.

The story is set in a magical library, where our adventurous hero Mickey and his trusty sidekick Goofy discover a magical book that can bring stories to life. When curious Mickey opens the book, the comical snowman Olaf falls out. While trying to get Olaf back inside, Mickey is magically drawn into the book. From here, Mickey sets out to find Olaf’s story after discovering the magic of the book and the power of its stories. Finally, Mickey and Goofy come across the incredible story of Frozen and restore Olaf to his rightful place.

Also, more Disney characters will be introduced for the first time at Hong Kong Disneyland for the anniversary celebration, such as Merida from Brave and Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6.

Hong Kong Disneyland Characters

World-class Black Box Space

In response to the need for new events and entertainment, Hong Kong Disneyland has introduced its all-new Black Box space, a flexible event venue that can cater to different scales of entertainment and shows. By incorporating world-class theatrical equipment, the venue offers amazing potential for conceiving and delivering immersive experiences. The space measures a total of 15,000 square feet and can entertain special small or large-scale events, ranging from one day to a whole seasonal period. Another advantage of the space is that new and upcoming Disney stories can be brought to life in a short time. The all new Frozen Village, with a thrilling ice slide and show area offering special snow effects, all under one roof, provides a compelling example of what can be created in this flexible and creative venue.

“A Black Box space is just like a blank piece of paper for us to develop our theatrical creative without limitations,” added Lightbody. “It unleashes the potential for creating unique Disney experiences beyond imagination at Hong Kong Disneyland.”

Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th anniversary is a time for celebration and reflection of what has been achieved in delivering magical experiences over the past decade. An innovative and strategic approach ensures guests can have incredible new experiences in the resort.

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