Flying Dinosaur Coaster Announced for Universal Studios Japan

Flying Dinosaur Coaster Universal JapanUniversal Studios Japan will be celebrating its 15th anniversary on March 31, 2016. As the 1st product to celebrate its 15th anniversary among many, The Flying Dinosaur with a combination of its creativity and technology of Universal Studios Japan, will be opening this coming spring, as the highest flying coaster the world has to offer*.

Vowing to “bring the best of the world to Japan,” Universal Studios Japan will be doing just that with their latest flying roller coaster development. It’s the longest of its kind in the world*, featuring a combination of sudden drops and climbs, with overwhelming G-force generated by the world’s highest top-to-bottom elevation*, all taking place in an enchanting Jurassic Park setting. Unlike conventional sit-down roller coasters, the flying roller coaster has passengers flying at great heights like a bird, dangling face down to experience the thrill of a lifetime from head to toe.

Passengers will hang in the clutches of an enormous Pteranodon dinosaur, as it turns 360 degrees in the air and flies at great speeds, revealing the world of Jurassic Park below. The feeling of exhilaration and the surreal environment featured in this attraction are a great way to relieve stress brought about by daily life.

Universal Studios Japan “Bringing you the best of the world.” That’s the motto it has built its reputation on, and continues to reinforce, with large, exciting projects such as this new roller coaster, promising to bring a remarkably thrilling experience to guests as a way to commemorate its 15th anniversary. Universal Studios Japan’s 15th Anniversary will be one to remember!

* Based on company research of the 22 flying roller coasters in operation worldwide. Roller coaster’s total length: 1,124 meters, with a first drop of 37.8 meters.

The Flying Dinosaur was made possible in cooperation with our corporate marketing partner, JCB Co., Ltd.

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