FAN MAIL: Trapped at Knott’s and Thrilled to Death in Pasadena

Raymond_Hill_7188Did you do Pasadena Raymond Hill Mortuary. Even better than last year! More interactive and super fun!

Christine B.

Editor’s Reply:

Hi Christine!

It sounds like you’re having a great Halloween season, just like we are! Yes, we visited our friends at Raymond Hill Mortuary in South Pasadena. Evil Twin Studios knocked it out of the park this season, and we can’t wait to share our review, images, and video clips with you in the weeks to come! 

We especially love the creativity and vibe of Raymond Hill Mortuary – kind of a good old-fashioned haunted house with some modern surprises thrown in for good measure. The talent is great, and the location really works for them, too! Like you, we’re stoked that we added it to our Halloween 2014 tour of terror!

Rick West

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Just did Trapped at Knott’s. Got in a huge debate with my group on whether or not I was supposed to give the keys to the hillbilly. He’s a hillbilly. Of course he would trick us! I spent a good five minutes trying to not give him the keys. Does something else happen if you don’t hand them over?

Raul P.

Editor’s Reply:

Hi Raul!

Ah, the Trapped questions continue to come in, and fans everywhere are wondering if they did the right thing while experiencing the attraction at Knott’s Scary Farm. It seems the later the season gets, the more stories we’re hearing regarding possible scenarios that play out within the walls of Trapped: Lock & Key.

Trapped: Lock & KeyTo tell you the truth, we have gone through twice this season; each time, our group gave the key to the character I believe you’re talking about – in the well. So… we haven’t had the opportunity for any other scenario to play out! The mystery continues regarding that damned key!

did get paddled. Hard. Really freakin’ hard. Until my eyes watered! They play for keeps in that attraction – and Jeff Tucker as well as Gus Krueger should be thanked by fans for creating such a twisted, diabolical attraction for this year’s Haunt. In turn, Knott’s management should be thanking them up and down for quite literally saving Trapped from the downward spiral it went into last year – without them pulling it out of the nosedive, it likely would have been a complete disaster this season for the Scary Farm. Thanks to the creative know-how of those two, Trapped will most likely return to terrorize again in 2015.

Fans will probably still be talking about that freakin’ key! Happy Halloween, Raul. And keep away from hillbillies!

Rick West

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