FAN MAIL: TPA Knott’s Haunt Maze DVD & Rufus Mystery

Special Ops: Infected 2014Hi,

Can I buy a DVD, or better yet, a Blu-ray of your 2014 Knott’s Halloween walk-throughs of all the mazes, without the big white TPA logo in the lower right ?

How much would that be?


Editor’s Reply:

Hi Dave! Thanks for the inquiry – it’s been a while since we’ve gotten this question, although definitely not the first time!

Thank you first of all, for the enthusiasm and support regarding our Haunt videos – we love that you enjoy them so much that you want them on a disc to watch.


Unfortunately, selling the videos on DVD or Blu-ray is something that isn’t in the cards for us. When we shoot the videos, the camera also picks up the background soundtrack of the mazes; most of the time, those soundtracks are covered under the ASCAP fee that Knott’s pays each year in order to legally use all of the tracks they do for the Scary Farm event. We aren’t covered by that, nor could we afford to pay for the rights for our own DVD/Blu-ray. In fact, you may notice that many of our Haunt videos aren’t even monetized with Google ads – that’s because YouTube instantly flags the background soundtracks as Third Party Content, and TPA can be penalized for attempting to profit from them in any way. 

On top of the music rights issue, Halloween Haunt is the intellectual property of Knott’s Berry Farm/Cedar Fair. It’s one thing to shoot them the way we do and make them available online via our YouTube channel; it’s an entirely different animal to market them as ours and to make a profit from them. It’s Knotts_Tooth_Fairy_2014_4314frankly, a quagmire of legal red tape that we just aren’t interested in wading through – and to be honest, we simply don’t have the time to take that type of project on.

My best suggestion is to stream the videos in HD over AppleTV (I don’t work for Apple, so this isn’t a blatant plug, but an AppleTV is the best $100 you’ll spend on an electronics gizmo) on your television; our newer HD videos look great on the big screen, without the hassle or expense of buying a DVD/Blu-ray.

Again, thank you so much for the support, interest, and enthusiasm! We love the work we do with Knott’s, and really like that you guys do so much, too!

Rick West

*     *     *


I just read the heartbreaking article on Rufus. Is there any update?

rufus1Editor’s Reply:

Sadly, there is nothing new to report. I haven’t heard anything coming through the interwebs, and everyone close to the guy that bought Bahooka and is “caring” for Rufus somewhere has completely gone radio-silent.

I haven’t been past Bahooka since visiting to take pictures for our last article (we live a good 40 minutes away or so and there’s no reason for us to go to Rosemeade). I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the property remains in the same state it was in when I went last year. A tragic mess all around.

If you or anyone reading this has any new information or an update on the condition of the Bahooka property, we’d love to know! Contact us at TPAComments (@)

Rick West

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