FAN MAIL: Multiple Experiences in Trapped at Knott’s Scary Farm?

Hey TPA!

Trapped: Lock & KeyI have a question about your experience in Trapped. I went through it this weekend and had a blast. I wanted to see if your experience was a bit different, because my friends and I think there might be multiple routes. We saw people with duct tape on their mouths coming out of the experience, but we never got that.

My guess is that when groups come to the door with the unicorn on it or the bloody door, there is an option between the two. I wanted to know what door you chose. Also, maybe you can refuse to give the keys away to the hick at the top of the well.

What do you think?



Editor’s Reply:

Hi Gabe!

Sounds like there’s wild stuff going on in Trapped: Lock & Key at Knott’s Scary Farm these days! We only went through Trapped once, on opening night and to be honest, there was so much to take in, I don’t recall which door we went through! We have heard multiple reports of people leaving the experience with duct tape over their mouths, although that didn’t happen to our group. As far as keys or interaction with other characters throughout the experience, it seems like that is group-dependent as well, perhaps. One thing is for certain – this year’s Trapped is much, much different than it’s been in years past. Huge kudos to Jeff Tucker and Gus Krueger and the rest of the Trapped team – it sounds like it’s getting crazy pants at Halloween Haunt the deeper the season gets!

Rick West

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