Fairytale Town Summer FunCamp Registration 2015 Now Open

fairytale-town-entryFairytale Town offers 16 exciting and educational summer camps for children ages four through nine. Each weeklong FunCamp is designed for a specific age group and features a unique theme, including visual and theater arts, literature, puppetry, animals, gardening and more. Children can explore new areas of interest or dive deeper into their favorite topic.

Three new camps are offered this year for children ages seven to nine: Bugging Out introduces campers to the world of arthropods; Superhero Summer Camp explores what it takes to be a real superhero; and RockSchool 2.0 is an expanded version of Fairytale Town’s popular beginners’ music camp.

FunCamps are $140 per camp, and registration is now open. Visit fairytaletown.org to register. Fairytale Town members may register beginning March 15 and receive a discount on camp fees.

For more information, visit fairytaletown.org or call (916) 808-7462.

Children Ages 4 – 6

Farmer Brown’s Junior Farmers
Monday – Friday, Jun. 15 – 19 & Aug. 10 – 14
9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Farmer Brown introduces campers to the daily regimens that keep Fairytale Town’s friendly flock of farm animals fit and healthy. Campers will get to know these barnyard buddies while learning historical information and participating in related hands-on activities. Please note: Campers will have direct contact with Fairytale Town’s animals and animal feed. Some children may be allergic to the natural oils found in animal fur/hair and feed. Instructor: Jim Hernandez.

Monday – Friday, Jun. 22 – 26 & Jul. 13 – 17
9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Channel your inner rock star in this music FunCamp for beginners! This camp features hands-on experience with several instruments, including guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. Campers will also learn about popular musical artists and participate in rock-related art activities. At the end of the week, parents and loved ones are invited to a rock show put on by the campers. No previous experience is necessary. Please note: This FunCamp gets loud! Instructor: Jessie Abbey.

Earthworks Garden
Monday – Friday, Jul. 6 – 10 & Jul. 20 – 24
9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Fairytale Town offers plenty of green-thumb fun in this gardening camp. This FunCamp covers the basic essentials of home gardening with a focus on environmentally “green” practices. Campers will also receive an up-close perspective on Fairytale Town’s own unique gardens and plants. Instructor: Kayla Willett.

Puppet Palooza
Monday – Friday, Jul. 27 – 31
9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Every story can be told with puppets! This FunCamp teaches students the original nursery rhymes and fairytales that inspired the play sets at Fairytale Town. Campers are then encouraged and inspired to retell the classic tales using puppets they create. Each day brings a new story! Campers will make a variety of puppets, including paper bag, sock and marionettes. Instructor: Kayla Willett.

Little Artists
Monday – Friday, Aug. 3 – 7
9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

This camp introduces the world of art and basic art concepts to budding artists. Campers participate in a wonderful week of art projects featuring drawing, cutting, pasting and painting in a relaxed and colorful environment. Topics include primary and secondary colors, drawing, sand art and patterns. Instructor: Elizabeth Vang.


Ages 7 – 9

Adventure Play
Monday – Friday, Jun. 15 – 19
1 – 4 p.m.

Adventure Play teaches children about the natural world through science-based experiments and discovery play. Concepts include basic survival skills, weather identification, plants and animals. Campers will take nature walks, make bird feeders, construct cardboard forts, use a solar oven and more. A different adventure awaits campers each day. Instructor: Wendy Her.

Curtains Up!
Monday – Friday, Jun. 22 – 26
1 – 4 p.m.

Fairytale Town presents a theater arts camp that emphasizes creative playmaking onstage and offstage. Curtains Up! covers all aspects of theater, from acting and scriptwriting to costume design and prop construction. Campers will write, design, produce and perform their own short play in one fast-paced, fun-filled week. Instructor: Elliot Herzer.

Zap! Boom! Pow! Comic Book Basics
Monday – Friday, Jul. 6 – 10
1 – 4 p.m.

This is the perfect FunCamp for budding artists who want to draw, draw and draw some more. A special emphasis is placed on dynamic anatomy, character development and sequential storytelling techniques. The primary focus is on classic silver and bronze age art styles as well as modern manga techniques. Campers will have the option to create their own comic book or a freestanding art piece to display in a “comic book convention” setting at the end of the week. Instructor: John Lee.

Write Now
Monday – Friday, Jul. 13 – 17
1 – 4 p.m.

In this creative writing FunCamp, aspiring authors who wish to strengthen their storytelling skills will find a happy haven of literary labor packed with plenty of artful advice, energetic exercises, art activities and freestyle fun. The camp will cover fiction, non-fiction, prose and poetry, plus art illustrations. Instructor: Karin Stevens.

RockSchool 2.0
Monday – Friday, Jul. 20 – 24
1 – 4 p.m.

Channel your inner rock star in this new music FunCamp for ages seven to nine! Campers will dive deeper into the rockin’ world of music and have hands-on time and instruction with several musical instruments, including guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. Campers will also explore rock ‘n’ roll history and participate in rock related games and activities. At the end of the week, campers will put on a Rock Show for parents and loved ones. This camp is perfect for those who have previously participated in RockSchool for ages four to six, however no prior musical experience is required. Please note: This FunCamp gets loud! Instructor: Jessie Abbey.

Bugging Out
Monday – Friday, Jul. 27 – 31
1 – 4 p.m.

Farmer Brown presents a new camp for ages seven to nine! In Bugging Out, campers will be introduced to the lesser known arthropods that call Fairytale Town home. Children will get up close with plenty of creepy crawlers, including tarantulas, bees, cockroaches, termites, lady bugs, earthworms and more. Campers will take daily surveys of the park to find and observe bugs in their natural environment and learn basic concepts including life cycles, entomology, pollination and decomposition. Please Note: Campers will have direct contact with Fairytale Town’s arthropods; some children may be allergic to tarantula hair, bees and/or other bugs. Instructor: Jim Hernandez.

Young Picassos
Monday – Friday, Aug. 3 – 7
1 – 4 p.m.

This FunCamp covers the exciting variety found in the world of art! Campers will try their hand at different art media, including painting, printmaking, clay and 3-D art, plus an exploration into art history. This camp is specifically designed for the young artist who wants to try it all. Instructor: Andy Graham.

Superhero Summer Camp
Monday – Friday, Aug. 10 – 14
1 – 4 p.m.

This new FunCamp is a positive mashup of history, art, literature and fun, with an added emphasis on leadership skills, physical fitness, mental acuity and personal responsibility. Boys and girls will learn what it takes to be a real superhero, have the chance to design their own secret identities, and even create their own masks, capes, logos, and super costume essentials. Campers will also learn about real life superheroes from history and fictional superheroes from popular literature and comic books. Instructor: John Lee.

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