Evil Twin Studios – Raymond Hill Mortuary 2014

Raymond_Hill_2015_5965One group of haunters quickly climbing the spook chain here in Southern California is Evil Twin Studios, a team of creatives based in South Pasadena. Beginning in 2013 with their popular Theatre of Terror haunted house, Evil Twin Studios has become a fan favorite due to their overall production value, as well as their high-profile interaction throughout the community, including participating in ScareLA and Theme Park Adventure’s social mixers.

In 2014, Evil Twin returned to the same location in South Pasadena as they were in 2013, but with a completely new theme – Raymond Hill Mortuary. Not only was the story new, it seemed as if the team had a brand new enthusiasm, with really fun design elements and fantastic show moments that left fans cheering – and screaming – for more!

One of the things that we found genuinely appealing about Raymond Hill Mortuary was it’s “old school” feel, as I mentioned at the top of this story. By “old school”, I mean that whatever Evil Twin Studios does haunt-wise, it’s not so dense or theatrically out there that it doesn’t feel like a haunted house. So many haunted attractions these days strive to be “the next level” – when most of the time, all people really want is a kick-ass haunted house, you know? That’s what Evil Twin delivers so very well – and I think as long as they understand how cool that is, they will continue to be engaging and really great fun, regardless of story and theme.


Raymond Hill Mortuary took guests on a dark journey through a corrupt, evil, and ultimately, haunted funeral home – where ominous characters lunged from the shadows, and sinister specters lurked behind the tombstones of the attached graveyard. My personal favorite moment of the attraction was having to actually lie down on a cadaver tray, which was then slid into a pitch-black locker; it was spooky, claustrophobic and really neat! Before panic set in, the tray was pulled backward from the “other side” and that is where the experience through the rest of the haunt continued.

There were other sections of Raymond Hill Mortuary that were really interesting as well, including a dark crawlspace element and a finale that featured a pitch-black narrow maze, complete with shock pads affixed to the walls! Yikes!

The talent throughout Raymond Hill Mortuary was really great – everyone was really into their roles, including a few very young children. Typically, we’re not fans of young kids working haunts (simply because they’re not capable of being frightening or menacing – usually), but that said, we enjoyed everyone’s enthusiasm on the team and know that all of the haunt’s visitors did, too.


Raymond Hill Mortuary was installed at the Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena, and the team really used the facility to their advantage, creating a haunted house that was partially inside and outside. The experience was lengthy, but not drawn-out; visitors definitely got a huge bang for their buck at Raymond Hill Mortuary, which is always a huge plus and very important for a group’s credibility with fans that have come from far and near to check out what they have to offer.

Huge props to the entire cast and crew of Raymond Hill Mortuary on a job very well done! This was one of our favorite stops during our Halloween 2014 travels, and we cannot wait to see what Evil Twin Studios has in store for 2015!

– Rick West

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