DIG – Escape the Room at Universal Studios Hollywood

dig-escape-room (1)This past weekend, a very cool interactive attraction opened at Universal Studios Hollywood called DIG – Escape the Room. Theme Park Adventure was fortunate enough to experience it along with a few other media outlets, and we had a great time doing so as a team!

DIG- Escape the Room if you haven’t already guessed, is an escape room attraction. Escape rooms have absolutely blown up in the United States over the past 12 months, after being very popular around the world for much longer.

For those not in the know, an escape room is a single room – or perhaps a series of chambers – that a group is locked in and given a set time limit to escape in. By finding clues to riddles and puzzles, mysteries are solved and access closer to freedom is given. If the group escapes before their time is up, they win; if not, they lose. Escape rooms vary in theme, from horror scenarios to adventure/mystery story lines.

Here in the United States, we are seeing haunters going after this niche market with great enthusiasm. In the past half year, TPA has experienced two such attractions in the Greater Los Angeles area – The Purge: Breakout, which went on a nation-wide tour in 2014, and The Basement, a fantastic year-round attraction located in Sylmar, just minutes away from the North Hollywood/Burbank area.

dig-escape-room (4)

DIG – Escape the Room is a marketing tool for USA Network’s Dig, a thrilling 10-part television event starring Golden Globe nominee Jason Isaacs and Emmy Award-winner Anne Heche. As a result, the attraction will be open in five separate locations across the United States – Universal Studios Hollywood, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Universal Orlando Resort – for just a few more days! Once the show begins on March 5th, the attraction will begin to disappear; check DIG – Escape the Room’s official website for exact dates and times.

dig-escape-room (1)It’s a shame that DIG – Escape the Room isn’t going to be operating longer than this week, because for what it is, it’s really well done. The locations aren’t temporary, so the environment isn’t 100% immersive; it’s pretty darn close, though. The experience itself is complicated enough to give adults a good run against the clock; there’s a lot to figure out in just 25 minutes. Our group almost made it – but we failed, just the same.

We assured USA Network and the DIG – Escape the Room team not to show any images from inside the experience, or to give any of the details away. That said, we will say that if you are fortunate enough to try DIG – Escape the Room, keep your wits about you, and communicate constantly with your team mates. Constant communication is absolutely key in this, and all other escape room attractions.

A huge thank you to USA Network’s DIG – Escape the Room team, as well as Universal Studios Hollywood for having us out! If you are visiting one of the above-mentioned locations this week, by all means, do this experience if you can!

The end result – our DVR is set to record Dig when it debuts this week; we appreciate the marketing effort and have our fingers crossed for this television series!

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