Delusion Seeking New Location for 2015 Show

Jon Braver, creator of Delusion

Jon Braver, creator of Delusion

To our most illustrious Delusion fans,

The Eternal Struggle. No, that’s not the title for a new show, sorry! Rather, it represents the search for that key character in any Delusion tale: The Venue. We spend many months scouting, negotiating, hoping to lock down a place. We’ve been fortunate in the past. Delusion has existed in some very memorable places. This year… the search goes on.

We’ve put so much trust in our audience during the show, so why not here as well Hopefully, we’ll be closing soon on a place we’re looking at, but I have a feeling someone out there knows about someplace else that is Delusion-worthy? If you’ve been to previous shows then you know our style. Please join in the search. Here’s the short list, and keep in mind we already work with a broker:

Commercially zoned. Residential properties were way too stressful and they have a strict limit to the number of show nights. If you don’t know the zoning then just keep in mind that if it was, or still is, a “residence” then… you know!

Decrepit, eerie, foreboding (of course) but still functional (i.e. electrical and plumbing).

Around 10,000 sq ft or more. Random room sizes throughout (multiple floors a huge plus).

No single warehouse space. Yet, one huge room will definitely work.

delusion-jon_braver_bts_1Ideal locations are Downtown Los Angeles/Arts District and Culver City, California, though open to other areas.

Looking for both short and long-term leases (3+ year lease).

That’s enough to get started, right? Again, I have been around town a lot, so you may suggest something I’ve already seen, but I would love to hear your thoughts anyway.

Shoot me an email at with those amazing spaces so we can go on another great adventure together! First one to email me with the venue we end up using gets four free tickets to our next production! Thank you so much for your time and support of this ongoing passion project.

Your fan,
Jon Braver – Creator/Writer/Director – Delusion

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