Creep LA: Lore Announced for Halloween 2017 Season

For fans of the macabre and bizarre, the announcement that Creep LA and the team behind Lore podcast have teamed up for an intense walk-through experience here in Los Angeles for Halloween 2017 is nothing short of really freaking rad and exciting!

Theme Park Adventure has long admired the work of Justin Fix and his team at Just Fix It Productions, whether it be their trademark Creep LA hauntings, or their more theatrical endeavors, such as The Willlows. What JFI brings to the community is always fresh, exciting, and unnerving – all without making guests feel as though they are being put in uncertain or precarious situations – and that is something that is very important to us as fans of this type of entertainment; we appreciate knowing that Justin and his crew understand where that line between safety and perceived danger lies, never taking us beyond it into iffy territory. Each of their past Creep productions have been stunning, and The Willows was simply remarkable this year.

I’m a fan of podcasts. Besides being a guest fairly often on various theme park and haunt-related podcasts due to Theme Park Adventure and Midsummer Scream, I have a laundry list of podcasts that I listen to all the time; Lore is one of them. For those not familiar, Lore is a simple, very effective presentation that consists of creator/host Aaron Mahnke basically performing a narrative set to soft piano or violin music, as he spins tales of the supernatural, or just plain odd. As a writer, I always appreciate Aaron’s ability to take sometimes complex stories/events and break them down into bite-sized bits of terror that are easy to digest on the go. Lore is a great podcast, it’s beautifully produced, and it’s never ungodly long; these are all plusses that make it one of my favorites!

The combination of Creep and Lore joining forces – that has my attention, and has bumped this particular haunt really high on our MUST-SEE list for Halloween 2017. This is an adults-only haunt experience, so we know it’s going to be gnarly fun!

Creep LA: Lore is a walk-through immersive experience that will take place at Magic Box LA. 8 guests at a time will be led into the darkness – into a universe of twisted tales and frightening scenarios, no doubt offered up by Mahnke and seen to fruition by Fix and his team. The experience will last between 60 – 90 minutes, no doubt taking everything JFI has learned doing their previous haunts and productions, and taking it all to the next level. The haunt opens on October 5th, and extends part way through November, which is always awesome news, since Halloween is so packed here in SoCal that it’s a challenge to schedule everything in such a small time frame.

Tickets are now on sale (as of September 15) at, and more information regarding Lore can be found at

We can’t wait to check this out, and hope to see a lot of TPAers there, as well!

  • Rick West

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