Bone Yard Effects Invites Haunt Fans INTO THE BLACK at Pomona Fairplex this Halloween

INTO THE BLACK logoINTO THE BLACK is a brand-new haunt experience for 2017 created by Bone Yard Effects, Inc. that will take visitors on a harrowing journey this Halloween season at the Pomona Fairplex in Southern California.

In 1866, Anton and Isabella Black built a large home deep in the woods, a fair distance from any village. They were reclusive, socially awkward individuals that kept to themselves and were rarely seen in public. Once locals began disappearing, people began speaking in whispers about the Blacks. Some suggested they were murderers. Others claimed that the couple was heavily involved with the occult – and that those who had gone missing were taken as part of heinous Satanic rituals and offerings. It didn’t take long for the woods to be deemed “off limits”. The looming Victorian in the heart of those woods would become known as the House of the Devil. For decades, no one ventured into the woods and eventually, the home and its occupants faded into obscurity. The lore surrounding The Black House was passed down for generations until people began to question the validity of the information at hand.

Recently, paranormal investigation teams and curious thrill seekers have started to return to the area, searching for any sign of The Black House or clues that shed light on whatever happened to Anton and Isabella – or those unfortunate souls who entered the woods all those years ago, never to return. Despite their best efforts, everyone looking for answers emerges empty-handed, casting even more doubt on the stories attributed to “the most evil place on Earth.”

Until now.

This Halloween, guests will be invited deep into the woods for themselves – and will come face-to-face with the infamous Black House, unlocking horrific mysteries of the past, while encountering unspeakable horrors.

Developed by Larry Bones and his team at Bone Yard Effects, INTO THE BLACK is an ambitious project made up of four components. The first part of the experience is a short film (created in partnership with Hollow Studios) that introduces guests to the story of The Black House, following a group of paranormal researchers as they attempt to locate the infamous location deep in the woods and unearth any possible evils that Anton and Isabella were up to all those years ago. The second part of the experience is the actual haunted attraction itself, which will be open for 14 days this coming Halloween season at the Pomona Fairplex in Southern California, where guests will follow in the footsteps of less successful investigators seeking out the storied House of the Devil. The third part of the experience is a virtual reality (VR) terror trip back to the late 1800s, so you can witness first-hand the horrific crimes that Anton and Isabella Black committed against humanity in the name of the Dark Lord (also being created in conjunction with Hollow Studios). The final component of INTO THE BLACK will be a behind-the-scenes documentary featuring the making of the entire experience.

One little thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet: when you visit INTO THE BLACK this Halloween at the Pomona Fairplex, you’re going to be alone. That’s right. Alone. In what promises to be a terrifying experience, guests will be sent into The Black House one at a time in 30-second intervals, maintaining a good capacity each hour/night.

INTO THE BLACK creator Larry Bones

INTO THE BLACK creator Larry Bones designing the House of the Devil.

Long-time members of the SoCal haunt community, Bone Yard Effects are perhaps best known for the 11 years of incredible work they have completed, creating some of the most memorable and terrifying makeup effects, masks and prosthetics ever for Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights event. This new crossroads is personally and professionally exciting for Larry Bones, who told Theme Park Adventure, “I’m extremely excited about tackling this new venture! After over a decade working in the haunted attraction industry, and a lifetime of love of horror and Halloween, it seems like this is meant to be!”

We are thrilled to announce that both the INTO THE BLACK backstory film, as well as the behind-the-scenes documentary will be debuted at Midsummer Scream 2017 July 29 and 30 at the Long Beach Convention Center, with more details to come in the weeks and months ahead. Additionally, fans will be able to purchase their tickets and reserve their time slots for both the walk-through and VR portions of the haunt at beginning the weekend of MSS17.

TPA and Midsummer Scream welcome INTO THE BLACK to the Southern California haunt community, and cannot wait to experience this for ourselves! I’m personally very proud of Larry, Cheryl and their team – this just may be the single most-anticipated new haunt of 2017, and we are going to be right there with everyone else to check it out!

Social media platforms are being prepared for INTO THE BLACK. In the interim, follow Bone Yard Effects, Inc. on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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