A Successful Movie Night for the Great Horror Campout

Movie-Night-Under-Stars-GHC (5)Friday the 13th in Los Angeles has never been so much fun, thanks to the team at Ten Thirty One Productions and their subsidiary, the Great Horror Campout. Under a star-filled sky in the Old Zoo section of Griffith Park, the company held its inaugural Movie Night Under the Stars event, bringing hundreds of horror fans together for a screening of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

This was no ordinary screening however. True to the company’s legacy of live horror events and attractions, Ten Thirty One Productions layered the Movie Night Under the Stars screening with its Great Horror Campout creatures, and unleashed them on the crowd of moviegoers throughout the evening, prompting screams from audience members as monsters lurked and crept up on them in the darkness!

Movie-Night-Under-Stars-GHC (3)

The Great Horror Campout’s iconic Headmaster

While Movie Night Under the Stars is an “all ages” event, it was still fairly adult in content and presentation – Ten Thirty One sells the tickets; it’s up to parents to provide common sense. With monsters lurking, and slasher films doing their thing on the big screen, it’s perhaps best to find a sitter and make this an adult night out – you’ll be able to relax more, and likely will have a better time spending a few hours with fellow adults. It would be interesting to see this event grow into an 18+ occurrence; it would allow for a more intense experience and adult humor in abundance, which the Great Horror Campout is known for. If it’s going to be tied to the Campout, we’d love to have it in full force as opposed to a watered-down, family-friendly version for the sake of the kids in the audience. That’s just a personal preference on my part; the event itself was fantastic as-is, so if it remains an all-ages happening, we’re totally cool with that, too.

Movie Night Under the Stars was hosted by the Great Horror Campout’s iconic Headmaster, who was a great host for the evening, cracking pointed jokes and even hosting a game of Friday the 13th movie trivia before the screening got underway! He’s a really great character that’s been created for the Campout event; using him as the Movie Night host was genius, and absolutely brought the evening across the finish line with flying colors! All of the Ten Thirty One team did a wonderful job, and their talent/monsters are always really good!

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With the grounds of the Old Zoo opening well before sundown, it allowed guests the opportunity to bring picnics and just hang out before everything got underway; kind of like a horror version of the Hollywood Bowl! Starting the evening that way was a lot of fun, and we definitely recommend getting there early the next time the company hosts one of these screenings and enjoy time hanging with friends and having a picnic as the sun goes down!

Did I say “next time”? You bet! With this inaugural screening being such an immediate success, Ten Thirty One Productions has announced that the next Movie Night Under the Stars will be held in April! Stay tuned for the date, as that should be revealed fairly soon! If you didn’t make it to this month’s screening, we absolutely recommend April’s!

The Great Horror Campout is coming back to Los Angeles this year on June 5 and 6. Tickets are on sale now, and more information can be found on the event’s webpage, www.greathorrorcampout.com. Theme Park Adventure has covered the Great Horror Campout in the past; click here for our look at 2014’s GHC experience!

Kudos to everyone that helped bring Movie Night Under the Stars together! It was a great night out friend friends and fellow horror fans – we look forward to this becoming a “thing” here in Los Angeles, where we’re all proud to let our freak flags fly!

– Rick West

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